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As an affiliate it’s imperative to administrate, as in every other business, every aspect of your business. Organizing everything from employee absence to tax planning is of high importance in order to stay in control of all those little things that matter all that much. With great administration you’ll be able to organize people and resources so they all direct activities toward common objectives and goals. This is how you do:

  • Click on the link below and download desired spreadsheet
  • Simply fill in your business details in downloaded document and enjoy the result!

  • Employee Absence Spreadsheet
    Employee Absence Spreadsheet
    If this form is filled out correctly you have a great overview of the vacation hours used and the medical leave hours used by your employees.
  • Tax Planning Spreadsheet
    Tax Planning Spreadsheet
    Don’t want to spend large amount of money on a sloppy accountant to do your taxes? Do them yourself fast and easy with our tax planning tool. Download it 100% free here!

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