Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs: What are they and how to work with them?

Affiliate programs are a fast-growing, legal way to make money on the Internet. Its main difference from other online sources of income is that participation in an affiliate program does not necessarily imply financial investments. If you want to make money on affiliate programs, you should pay only for the Internet.

However, affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry. For clarity: the revenue from sales of the American giant Amazon in the pandemic crisis year of 2020 was about $108 billion, and 10% of this amount was earned on affiliate programs. And this, no less, more than $10 billion!

The essence of affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a form of mutual cooperation between a seller company and its partners who attract customers to the company’s website and receive a certain fee for this.

The simplified structure of interaction between the company and the partner is as follows:

  • the product or service owner creates an affiliate program, describes the terms and conditions of cooperation, and determines the amount of remuneration for each attracted client;
  • the partner agrees to cooperate, finds clients, and brings them to the product owner’s website;
  • clients perform certain actions, e.g., clicking on a banner, registering a personal account, filling out a form, calling the sales department, etc.;
  • the partner gets a reward.

To make money on affiliate programs, you should not sell or purchase products, rent warehouses, and communicate with clients about the terms of delivery or return of goods. All that is required is to recommend products to people who might be interested in them.

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to work with a ready-made business and receive real income from it. Moreover, the type of activity in this case is not limited to a specific industry. Indeed, today travel agencies, insurance and IT companies, banks, online stores, etc., sell their products in this way.

Choosing an affiliate program

The easiest way is to choose the product that you would like to advertise and put it into a search engine along with the keyword “affiliate program”. So you can become a partner of large brands that everyone knows and get on special pages in online stores or aggregators. 

Another option is to use third-party services, the so-called CPA networks. These services collect offers from product owners. But working through special platforms has its pros and cons:

  1. Reliability. As a rule, CPA networks use an IT system, which acts as a guarantor of the security for both parties. The website owner will not be able to refuse to pay you for no reason and clients attracted in an unscrupulous way such as by fraud will not be credited.
  2. Low income. CPA networks work for a fee, so real earnings will decrease.

When choosing an affiliate program, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of cooperation. Some affiliate programs count only a certain type of traffic and do not accept mailing lists, etc. The traffic flow must be clear for the affiliate program.Otherwise it will be difficult to prove that the client was brought in by you. Special labels help to solve this problem.

Choosing a product

It is also important to choose a product or service wisely. Perfect, if you are well up in the product that you are going to promote. The type of product also plays a significant role. The more specific the product, the narrower your TA. The highest audience reach is achieved in areas such as finance and public credit, online shopping, online games, and social media management.

POSTOPLAN is an example of a profitable affiliate program.

Automated posting services are popular in all areas. Modern marketing is unimaginable without social media and messenger’s. Therefore, it will not be difficult to promote the service that makes this work easier.

Finding a traffic source

Another important issue that separates you from real income is to choose a platform for promotion. Simply put, a place where your referral link will be published and to whom you will advertise it. The ideal option is to have your own traffic: your own website, personal blog, community, or YouTube channel. This way you don’t have to spend money on advertising.

You can make money on an affiliate program without traffic: to find bloggers and public figures to promote your affiliate link, to be active on forums, and set up targeted advertising. But all this will make sense only if the final income from the affiliate program exceeds the advertising cost.

Affiliate programs: What are they and how to work with them?