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Affinity Targeting – Loyal Visitors More Favorable to Advertising

Affinity Targeting – Loyal Visitors More Favorable to Advertising

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    As the Internet has passed grand advertisement channels like Television this marketing platform is starting to take its full shape as one of the biggest marketing channels we have today. When experts condemned Internet before they today stay silent. The future of Internet marketing is here, the potential and profits endless.

    Loyal Visitors More Favorable to Advertising

    Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008

    Increasing the number of visitors to your affiliate site is an important factor in order to successfully make money online. But building user loyalty and a positive attitude towards your site also can make a great difference. A study made by OPA (Online Publishers Association Audience Affinity Study) to survey and measure attitudes towards websites and online advertising shows that with higher affinity, sense of belonging, comes a more favorable attitude towards a website’s advertising.

    “So by creating the sense of affinity your website visitors are going to be more accessible to affiliate advertisement on your website and will convert more easily!”

    Affinity Targeting

    We are leaving SEO for a second and focusing on targeting approaches concerning affiliate advertising. Though search engine optimization is essential in order to become a successful affiliate marketer, learning and exploring ways of targeting your website’s advertisements will determine just how successful your affiliate business will be. Plainly put – how much money you are going to earn on affiliate marketing!

    Affinity targeting is simply a way of targeting your advertisements. To learn how to maximize clicks on and profits of online advertisement affinity targeting focuses on the attitude of website visitors toward online advertising. It further suggests that if a person likes a certain website more than others he will not only devote more time on that site but also be more receptive to its advertisements.

    According to a survey made by OPA (Online Publishers Association Audience Affinity Study) measuring the connection between user attitude towards websites and their online advertisements. High-affinity visitors showed following characteristics:

    • Visitors spend more time at the site.
    • Visitors are more positive towards the site and its content
    • Visitors are more positive towards advertisement on the site

    So by creating the sense of affinity you visitors are going to be more accessible to affiliate advertisement on your website and convert more easily, simple as that! Or is it?

    How To Create Visitor Loyalty

    What makes a visitor take a liking to a certain website depends on many things. One thing is certain though; if your visitors become loyal to your affiliate site your conversion rate most definitely will increase. Of course visitors won’t click on your banners and ad-links just because they like your site. But when people normally are restricted and skeptic towards advertisement your website visitors will more receptive to the ad and its message.

    Here are 4 tips on how to create affinity amongst your website visitors:

    • Keep usability in mind when you design your website. A website that is easy to navigate and use will stand out from all other content clustered websites.
    • Keep a fresh content. Update your website regularly, preferably on a daily basis with news, blogposts etc. By always having unique content your visitors will make it a routine and habit to always return to your website.
    • Maximize the website experience. Don’t settle for just text content and information. Include tools, video-clips, images, animations and games etc to maximize the user potential of your website.
    • Create visitor trust. Making your visitors trust your website and rely on its content is a corner stone in visitor loyalty.

    What To Advertise

    If you are just starting with affiliate marketing a tip would be to choose a market niche and devote your affiliate website to it. Some segments are more lucrative than others like, online poker, mortgage loan and education but if you have a strong interest we would advise you to focus on that subject. Whether it’s about cars, tennis, health, business really doesn’t matter. With an interest about your affiliate business you will much easier fill your website with quality content and useful information.

    By assigning your website to a specific subject you will also be able to niche your advertising. Internet users visiting your website will do it because they are looking for information concerning the subject you’ve chosen to create a website around. Make sure to promote products and services that have a connection to your website content.