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Book Review – Web Design BASICS

Book Review – Web Design BASICS

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  • Book Review – Web Design BASICS
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    Review of Web Design BASICS

    Thursday, Aug 14, 2008

    Part of a great online marketing plan is a great website and part of a great website is great web design. A website that looks good will be “sticky.” People who come to it will stay there long enough to click on your ads and will want to come back. A web design that is unattractive looks unprofessional and will result in a lot of “bouncing,” people directed to your site and leaving immediately.

    About “Web Design BASICS”

    Part of the comprehensive “BASICS” series which offers introductory texts on a wide range of online publishing topics, “Web Design BASICS,” by Todd Stubbs and Karl Barksdale can be a great help in making sure you design your website the way you want it and the way that will attract and hold the most traffic. This book is a simple, practical approach to the basics of design with an introduction to HTML programming so that anyone can take advantage of the principles offered. The book also shows how you can create different websites depending on the kind of traffic you wish to attract.

    Using “Web Design BASICS”

    Prospective web designers should read this book thoroughly to get a basic idea of the information presented. Then, when beginning to design a website, readers can go back and follow the book step-by-step until they have the results they want. Once the first web design is complete, readers can keep the book on hand as a reference for whenever they want to alter their web design or create an entirely new design.

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