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Complete list of payment solutions – ways to transfer money fast and easy across the globe

Complete list of payment solutions – ways to transfer money fast and easy across the globe

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  • Complete list of payment solutions – ways…
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    If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it here. Read about various payment solutions worldwide, find the right terms in our extensive affiliate program glossary and much more.

    Payment solutions

    Friday, Nov 23, 2007

    Here is a comprehensive list over the payment solutions available when you want to transfer funds worldwide.


    1. Bank Draft payment
    A check guaranteed by a bank. Usually treated like cash since most banks will clear them instantly.

    2. Bank Wire payment
    Money wired directly to your bank account. It will usually take at least three business days for the transfer to get thru.

    3. Central Coin payment
    No longer in business.

    4. Check payment
    Can be issued by a bank or a merchant and is usually delivered by mail.

    5. Citadel payment
    Citadel offers several online payment options both for merchants and consumers. They also have single source multi-currency payment methods.

    6. Citadel My Wallet payment
    Global online payment solution. Provides customers with the ability to make secure online payments for goods and services to merchants everywhere.

    7. Click2Pay payment
    A payment community that connects merchants and users, with all necessary tools for simple and safe micro payments.

    8. Click And Buy payment
    Online payment system used by over 7 000 online merchants in 26 countries. Fast and secure payments worldwide.

    9. E Check payment
    Electronic check used for online payments.

    10. EcoCard payment
    EcoCard provides trusted alternative payment solutions enabling merchants and customers to instantly transfer funds worldwide.

    11. EntroPay payment
    Instant global payment solution – send and receive payments fast and easy. Prepaid Virtual VISA Card available.

    12. ePassporte payment
    Online payment solution – instant payments across the globe. VISA Electron available.

    13. eWalletXpress payment
    Online account enabling you to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to online merchants.

    14. FirePay payment
    Online payment system allowing you to pay people across the globe through money transfers. A FirePay account is a web-based account working like a debit card.

    15. InstaDebit payment
    Safe and secure way to make online payments using the funds in your bank account.

    16. Instant Wire Transfer payment
    Funds sent via Instant Wire Transfer work like a standard wire transfer, the difference is that it requires a bank verification and will clear immediately instead of after a few days.

    17. MasterCard payment
    Credit card that can be used for payments both online and at millions of places across the world.

    18. Moneybookers payment
    Provides secure and convenient online payments worldwide. Over 3.5 million customers and 10.000 merchants.

    19. Money Express payment
    U.S. based company providing secure money transmitting services across the globe.

    20. Neteller payment
    Neteller is an e-wallet enabling instant payments across the globe. This is a popular choice for online poker and online casino sites.

    21. On Demand Funds payment
    No longer in business.

    22. PayPal payment
    PayPal is an online payment solution with over 100 million member accounts in 190 countries. It is an easy and safe way to transfer funds online. PayPal is owned by eBay.

    23. Paysafe Card payment
    Prepaid card that allow you to make online payments. Cards are only sold in Europe.

    24. Solo payment
    A debit card produced by Switch Card Services in the UK, specifically for people under 18 or on lower incomes. All transactions require electronic authorization from the issuing bank.

    25. Ukash payment
    Ukash vouchers can be bought in a shop and used to make online payments. Ukash Vouchers only sold in Europe.

    26. Use My Bank payment
    Online payment solutions with over 67 million banking consumers connected worldwide. Quick and direct transfers of funds to your preferred method.

    27. Visa payment
    Credit card that can be used for payments both online and at millions of places across the world.

    28. Visa Electron payment
    Electronic VISA card that only can be used for online payments.

    29. Web Money payment
    Multifunctional payment tool providing secure and instant transactions online.

    30. Western Union payment
    Western Union provides fast and secure money transferring services all over the world. The company has 170,000 agents worldwide.

    31. Wire Transfer payment
    A method to transfer funds from one entity to another. Can be done either as a bank transfer or by transferring cash to a cash office.

    32. FPS payment
    Flexible Payments Service. Online payments solution developed by