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Conversion/Usability- Learn how to make great earnings from your website!

Conversion/Usability- Learn how to make great earnings from your website!


How do you get more traffic to your website? Usability! How do you earn money off your website? Usability! Designing you website in a user friendly way is the key to more traffic and more conversions. Lesson Nr # 1: Make sure to include good usability when creating your website. It’s a must if you want to create conversions in your affiliate business!

Latest Articles

  • How To Improve Conversion On Your Affiliate Site – Nr 3
    You have clear calls-to-action on your affiliate site and the site focuses your visitors’ attention on what you need them to do to get a conversion. If you are getting good traffic and your conversion rate is still not as high as you would like, there are still more steps you can take to improve. It may be that your problems are technical ones.
  • How To Improve Conversion On Your Affiliate Site – Nr 2
    The key to a good conversion rate is clear calls to action, content that tells your visitors exactly what they need to do, why they need to do that thing and how they need to do it. This means actions that are more payable for you as the affiliate, but it’s not always enough. If you’re not happy with your conversion rate, there are other strategies at your disposal.
  • How To Improve Conversion On Your Affiliate Site – Nr 1
    Perhaps you have an affiliate site set up and rolling on all cylinders. You have a great design and figured out a number of ways to get traffic to your site. Before long, you have lots of inbound links to your site and are getting tons of hits.
  • 10 Tips for Creating a Great Website for Your Affiliate Business
    In the affiliate marketing business, you have to have a great website in order for your business to flourish. Let’s face it — you’re not going to be making much in commissions if your website is only attracting family members. So, in order to maximize your income potential, there are a few keys you should keep in mind when setting up a website for your affiliate business.
  • How to Improve Your Conversion Rate!
    High conversion rate is the key to success. A website can have huge traffic but virtually no customers. Just alot of visitors. It all comes down to making your visitors take the desired action of e.g signing – up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. That is how you get paid! The higher conversion rate the grander profits! Here’s 25 steps on how to improve you websites conversion rate!
  • Make money on your visitors – the importance of usability
    Ok, so you have managed to get the visitor to your site. But now what? It does not mean that they will automatically sign up or purchase something through your partners. You need to make them act in a certain way if you are to make money from your visitors. The key things here are usability and conversion.