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Your Copywriting Checklist

Grab the attention of your reader

Writing good copy for the web is not easy. It has to be short, easy to read and at the same time keeping all necessary information. But don’t worry! With our 12 easy steps we’ll help you become an web copywriter to be reckoned with!

“With our 12 easy steps we’ll help you become an web copywriter to be reckoned with!”

  1. Know your reader! That way you can figure out what they are looking for and making sure they’ll find it!
  2. Be specific and concrete in your text!
  3. Feel free to use many headlines and subheads to create structure and space in the text!
  4. People are drawn to lists, a good way to avoid long texts!
  5. Make accurate headlines, this is what tells what your text i about!
  6. Be as specifc as possible, not vague.
  7. Use sans-serif fonts like verdana since they are easier to read on the screen!
  8. Make sure your headline has a body and a tail.
  9. Test more than one headline: You have 5 seconds to grab the attention of your visitor. The headline accounts for 80% of the success of your potential sales for this reason. If your headline doesn’t interest the reader he or she will immediately move on. So, your headline must reflect the unique selling point (USP) of your offer.
  10. Bold important keyword or phrases. Readers on the web are attracted to bolded text!
  11. Tell it like it is! Make friends with them by educating them. The more you try to sell something, the more the prospective customer will resists.
  12. Build credibillity in every way posible: Testimonials, proof of income if applicable, show name/address/phone number/email address, use a current date script where applicable.

Your Copywriting Checklist