Top Tips for Ensuring Safety while Gambling Online

Gambling is an activity fancied by both young and old and engaged in by all genders. Although gambling is not explicitly considered a sport, popular opinion would seem to believe that poker is an actual sport.

This is obviously not unconnected with the fact that it is enjoyed by a lot of people across the globe. Whether the lot being gambled on is done physically or online, gambling still possesses the charm it exudes – all the time.

Often times, people tend to break down sports into the complexity of the game, the goals scored, and the beauty of the game. This is the reason why people consider most gambling activities to be actual sports.

For a lot of people, gambling isn’t exactly about the end result or the money they look to make out of it. Many engage in this because of the thrill that comes with it and the satisfaction of following their hunches which then turns out to be true.

Cyberattacks in the Gambling Sector

It is no news that technology has disrupted every sector of human lives making a lot of activities go virtual. It would, therefore, come as no surprise that online gambling is a thing and can be played via a screen, with other opponents.

This has made it possible for people to play their favorite sport online and most especially, at their own convenience.

However beneficial this might seem, it comes with its risks and it is rather unfortunate that these risks are costing not only players but even companies, a lot of money.

The risks associated with gambling online stems from one menace – cyberattacks. Just last month, April 2020, a couple of gambling sites in the US including Golden Nuggets, BetAmerica, Resorts, and Oregon Lottery – all powered by SBTech were down following a widespread cyberattack.

Suspected to be a ransomware attack, some of these websites were down for up to 72 hours as milder attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) are easy to recover from, using backup servers to get operations up and running as soon as they go down.

Staying Safe While Gambling Online

Gamblers themselves are not left out from the cyberattacks as hackers are always looking to steal login details, bank account details, and lots more. Explained below are a few ways by which gamblers can keep themselves safe while enjoying their games online:

  • Using a VPN: The advice that people should gamble with a VPN cannot be overemphasized. The benefits of VPNs are limitless.

    The most important one, which is security – is realized through the several layers of data encryption being transported through the network. This way, sensitive information such as bankroll information, addresses, and private data cannot be stolen by hackers.

    A secondary benefit of using a VPN is the opportunity that it avails users to access gambling websites that are geo-restricted. Users can play on more platforms and maximize their wins.

  • Use of Antivirus Software: One of the easiest ways for hackers to gain access to users or company systems is by planting viruses, malware, or key loggers on the victim’s machines.

    These can get in through email attachments or documents downloaded from the internet. These malicious programs are very stealth and can go undetected in systems for days till the damage must have been long done.

    Downloading an antivirus software, antimalware software, or enabling firewalls – depending on preference will help prevent the attack and remove any malicious programs existing on the system.

Top Tips for Ensuring Safety while Gambling Online