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In this section we will try to cover things that many affiliates ask us about. If there’s a question you miss here, please send us an email – we appreciate it!

Do you access unique information from your visitors?

No, we do not use our technology to profile web visitors. See our privacy policy for more information.

Do you accept affiliates who reside outside the US?

We accept affiliates from most countries, and most web affiliates work with merchants from all over the world. You’ll usually get paid in the currency that your advertiser offers, but with certain advertisers you can choose currency.

What is an affiliate marketing program?

By joining a merchant’s affiliate program, publishers receive commission for leads or sales generated for the merchant. The merchant (or advertiser) provides marketing material to the publishers and assigns a commission for various marketing actions. As a publisher, you can place the tracking code for these ads on you site or email campaigns. When a visitor uses a link and takes an action with the merchant, that transaction is tracked to you, and you receive a commission.