Why You Should be Using Google Analytics

Affiliate marketing is an industry in which it is extremely important to stay on top of the traffic flowing to and from your website. Google Analytics makes it easy to monitor and track that all-important traffic. It can help you adjust your marketing strategies to increase your conversion rates and experience greater success.

“Google Analytics allows you to track the success of everything from affiliate campaigns to how well your keywords are performing on Google and other search engines.”

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a full-service website statistics generator that features a multitude of additional components and benefits for anyone interested in tracking and comparing the performance of their website. It’s provided free of charge by the leader in search engines, Google.

How To Use Google Analytics

First, you have to set up your Google Analytics account. If you already have a Google AdWords account, then you can use Google Analytics directly through the AdWords interface.

Next, you will have to add the tracking code into the html of your website. Once the code is embedded into the pages of your website, it immediately begins to track your visitors.

The Benefits Of Using Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can effectively compare and track all of your advertising and marketing campaigns. You can adjust the strategies of the ones that aren’t working well and make the necessary changes to increase conversion rates. Google Analytics allows you to track the success of everything from affiliate campaigns to how well your keywords are performing on Google and other search engines.

Google Analytics is also extremely easy to use, so now, even beginners can implement these powerful tracking tools. Google Analytics is extremely flexible. All companies, from the smallest, one-man business to the world’s largest conglomerations can equally experience the benefits of its unique capabilities.

Google Analytics also seamlessly integrates with Google AdWords, making it easier than ever to calculate your ROI from keyword tracking data. This helps to save time, money and effort.

Additional Features Of Google Analytics

Identify revenue sources easier than ever before through Google Analytics’ Ecommerce tracking capabilities. You can even track revenue to specific campaigns or keywords. You can find out exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

You can also check each link on your site, as you surf, to view the traffic and conversion information. Plus, you can discover the origination of many of your most affluent visitors, so you can target your affiliate marketing campaign directly at them.

Google Analytics also incorporates a powerful email dashboard that allows you to send personalized reports to the people you need to. The emails are customizable and you can also schedule them for a specific delivery time.

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Why You Should be Using Google Analytics