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Halloween Season = Money Season for Affiliates

Halloween Season = Money Season for Affiliates

  • Halloween Season = Money Season for…
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    As more and more companies are establishing their businesses on the Internet, affiliate programs have risen in popularity as a strong internet marketing tool. Assigned affiliates get rewarded for directing traffic and potential customer to the company’s website. This is an excellent way to earn some extra cash on your website, as an affiliate. Learn all about it!

    Halloween Season for Affiliates

    Tuesday, Sep 9, 2008

    The seasons are changing and what seemed to be a never ending summer has now turned into autumn and with it comes one of our favorite holidays – Halloween! For all of us working as affiliates is it a top opportunity to increase our monthly earnings. Ok, Christmas is still the undefeated champion of commercial holidays but on a well deserved second place comes Halloween. This fact is golden for us affiliates and it for sure is something that we should take advantage off.

    “Start with creating your very own list of keywords that you think people might type in on search engines during this period.”




    The good thing about Halloween is that it’s a season that suits many affiliates; we’ll explain later how you can benefit from it in your chosen segment. During the months of September and October are products being sold for around 7 Billion dollars in the States alone so you should be sure to notice this increase on your pay-check as well. To help you benefit the most from this season, we at has created an article filled with tips and tricks.

    How to get Noticed

    There are many different ways of getting noticed on the Internet and we will here give you some pointers on what we believe to be top ways of standing out during this busy period. Try to implement some of these techniques in your business – we believe that you’ll be pleased with the results!

    Consider Working with SEO

    Don’t for a second think that you’re going to be the only one that wants to make an extra buck or two during Halloween – make sure that your site gets noticed on the Internet. There are several ways of achieving this and the first method that we would like to mention is implementing SEO in your business. We know that we’ve talked about SEO in several other articles and the reason for this is that it really is crucial for you and your affiliate business. Start with creating your very own list of keywords that you think people might type in on search engines during this period. Some important words could for example be:

    • Cat Halloween Costumes
    • Cheap Halloween Costumes
    • Halloween Costumes for Kids
    • Kids Halloween Costume
    • Scary Halloween
    • Popular Halloween Costumes

    The list above is just an example of words that might work well and if you exercise your creative muscles we are sure that you’ll come up with lots more great keywords. Try to use various combinations of the words as this will increase the chances of getting a high rank on the search engines and since it will attract more visitors. If you feel as your stuck you could have a look at Keyword Country or Keyworddiscovery – top keyword tools that’ll help you out.

    Take Advantage of Guerilla Marketing

    One of the best ways of getting noticed, may it be a special season or not, is working with guerilla marketing, and the method of word of mouth in particular. Why not hold a Halloween contest or a giveaway – this goes for merchants as well as for affiliates. This is the perfect opportunity for you to become the talk of the town!

    For example, you could set up some kind of Halloween quiz on your site and for those of you that worry that this will cost you fortune we can simply say that it doesn’t have to. The price you’re offering to the winner doesn’t have to be an expensive one. People will enter the contest anyway as it’s in the human nature to compete against each other.

    The Power of a Newsletter

    If you already are a voice to be reckoned with on the web and you have a big following then take advantage of this and create a newsletter that your readers can sign up for. If you’ve just started up your affiliate business a newsletter might not be able to generate any profits for Halloween since it’s just around the corner, but remember that other holidays such as Christmas and Valentines Day are coming up in the near future, and they are also very profitable for affiliates – you’ll always be able to benefit from a newsletter!

    In your newsletter you should state what people can find, for example promotions, on your site that has any relation to Halloween, may it be a costume or a horror movie. Also, if you’re holding a contest or giveaway – state it in your newsletter! If you get people to sign up for your newsletter you’ll have a very favorable position as an affiliate.

    Popular Halloween Segments

    Most affiliate segments tend to generate positive results during holidays but there are always some that have better results than the others. To help you, or perhaps simply inspire you we’ll mention the ones that we feel are extra strong during Halloween. When working as an affiliate you shouldn’t be afraid of changing your website a bit, adjusting it to the various seasons.

    Shopping – The Shopping segment is one of the most obvious, and profitable, segments when it comes to picking Halloween programs for affiliates. One of the funniest things we’ve seen so far is a Barack Obama as well as a John McCain Halloween mask at Amazon. Other than this can you of course find affiliate programs offering anything from Halloween costumes to horror movie soundtracks that’ll be perfect for the Halloween party. Don’t promote the first thing you see – take some time to browse through the various products. Your readers should be able to benefit from the products you’re promoting.

    Blockbuster, and similar companies, is also to recommend for this season. It’s not a secret that people love to watch movies from the comfort of their own home – especially during holidays. Why not add links to classic horror movies such as “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th“, these are sure bets during Halloween.

    Books – If you have an affiliate site discussing the latest books you might want to change things up a bit for Halloween. Track down some of the best classic horror/Halloween books you can find through your affiliate program and write reviews on them, including links to the books as well of course.For example, check out these great Halloween related books at Amazon.

    Other affiliate segments that always seem to be successful during holidays are dating, poker and casino. You have nothing to lose in promoting any of these programs as well and why not add a twist of Halloween to your marketing methods. Halloween, and holidays in general, surely is happy days for us affiliates!