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How to Build Good Forex Affiliate Sites

How to Build Good Forex Affiliate Sites

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  • How to Build Good Forex Affiliate Sites
  • Forex Affiliate Articles

    Forex affiliate programs has great potential. Read our forex affiliate articles and learn how to maximize your webmaster efforts and website potential as a forex affiliate.

    How to Build Good Forex Affiliate Sites

    Building good Forex affiliate isn’t a lot different than building good affiliate sites in general, but there are some specific factors to pay attention to.

    “Building Forex Websites”

    Forex trading is a very specialized field, and successful affiliates treat it as such, knowing the ins and outs so that they get the most mileage out of the affiliate sites they build.

    Who’s Your Customer

    The first (and most obvious) tip is to know your customer. The typical Forex trader tends to be young and very aggressive as far as their tolerance for risk, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when building your affiliate sites.

    Forex traders tend to be pretty savvy, usually transitioning from investing in mutual funds or stocks to trading options, then moving on from there to trading futures or Fx. Since your target audience is more sophisticated, you’ll want to tailor the content on your site to match that.

    Don’t waste time explaining very basic financial concepts, as the typical visitor to your site interested in Forex trading is far beyond that level.

    Adding Applications and Tools

    Like other investing niches, forums or chat applications can be a great addition to your Forex affiliate sites. Investors and traders often feel very isolated and love to get feedback from other people as far as potential trades or outlooks, so forums can be a great way to add stickiness to your Fx affiliate sites, as far as giving visitors a reason to keep coming back.

    Keep in mind, too, that traders can get all the quotes and charts and slick tools from their Forex broker’s site, so try to think outside of the box and offer things that they won’t find there, such as community features, private messaging applications, chat, blogs, etc.

    Forex Affiliate Sites and SEO

    Last but not least, you’ll really need to focus on SEO and keyword research if you want to succeed in the competitive Fx affiliate world. With big potential profits come lots of competition, so make sure all of your content and pages are built with an eye towards SEO, and that you’re able to target a wide variety of keywords.

    Try to structure your sites so that you can add more content over time without looking like you’re artificially tacking on pages just for keyword purposes. Providing reviews of various Forex brokers can be a good way of doing this, as well as providing a glossary of general terms or a tips and strategies section with various trading techniques.