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How-To-Guide! Learn all about SEO, Affiliate programs and much more..

How-To-Guide! Learn all about SEO, Affiliate programs and much more..

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  • How To Guides

    Stuck on the question, how? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the practical answers you need in order to reach success. Concerning SEO as well as Affiliate programs. Business on the Internet can be tricky and you’ll need all the help you can get. That’s why we’re here!

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    • Friday, Jan 15, 2010
      How to Pick the Best Affiliate Network
      While signing up with an affiliate network can be done in a matter of second with a few mouse clicks, picking the best affiliate network for your sites isn’t always quite as easy. Let’s look at some of the different factors you should consider when weighing the options as far as the affiliate networks you choose to work with for your affiliate sites.
    • Friday, Nov 28, 2008
      Domain tasting – Trying out a domain for free
      To follow up our recent article about domain parking we shall go further in-depth and in this article focus on the importance and value in something called domain tasting. If you earn your income of parking domains you surely know what this means. However, for those of you still looking for enlightenment on this topic domain tasting is one the most important parts when creating your domain parking portfolio.
    • Wednesday, Oct 22, 2008
      Testing article marketing
      Article marketing, also known as bum marketing, is primarily a great online trick to market a product or website. But it is also, more than any other affiliate marketing method, frequently used as an example of making money quick and without any effort. This is how the name bum marketing sprung to life; article marketing was perceived such an easy-money-quick scheme than even a bum off the street could pull it off. The truth however is far more complicated. I have tested if there is any money to be made off article marketing. Here’s the results.