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How To Use Contextual Marketing for Affiliate Marketing!

How To Use Contextual Marketing for Affiliate Marketing!

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    As more and more companies are establishing their businesses on the Internet, affiliate programs have risen in popularity as a strong internet marketing tool. Assigned affiliates get rewarded for directing traffic and potential customer to the company’s website. This is an excellent way to earn some extra cash on your website, as an affiliate. Learn all about it!

    The Importance Of Contextual Marketing For Affiliate Marketing

    Wednesday, Feb 13, 2008

    Affiliate marketing is all about targeting specific demographics with affiliate programs, web content and pay per click advertising. Contextual marketing is another way to improve demographic targeting. Contextual advertising is a system of advertising that changes according to the website’s current content or the surfer’s past browsing history.

    “Everyone has seen Google ads that change according to the page’s web content. That’s contextual advertising in its simplest form.”

    Amazon has a popular contextual marketing program, in which the Amazon links on a third-party site will reflect the browser’s past history on Amazon and his current wish list. Amazon ads can also reflect a web page’s content, rather than a surfer’s history.

    The Advantages Of Contextual Advertising

    Since reaching specific demographics can be difficult, contextual advertising is an extra tool for reaching individual consumer needs. Any affiliate marketer should be aggressively marketing to search engines, via organic ranking through web content and pay per click advertising. The trouble is that even if a website is able to draw in a web surfer from a major search engine, there is no telling it will lead to a profitable conversion.

    You can think of contextual advertising as a backup plan. You should tailor any web content and PPC campaign for converting an affiliate program. Affiliate link conversion will pay out more than contextual ad clicks. If a web surfer doesn’t convert the affiliate link by making a purchase or signing up for a service, contextual advertising gives another opportunity to make the web visit profitable.

    Contextual Affiliate Programs

    As Google ad hits and even Amazon affiliate programs are not necessarily highly profitable, there are other contextual advertising models from which to choose. Depending on the nature of your affiliate site, other affiliate programs may run by the same model.

    Say that you’re running a credit card affiliate site. One page of content may be about balance transfer cards, while another page may concentrate on rewards cards. A good credit card affiliate program will be able to match ads to content just like Google or Amazon. As an affiliate marketer, this can raise your conversion rate and ensure that your search engine marketing campaign leads to better conversions overall.

    Contextual Ad Controversy

    There are some unscrupulous methods of contextual advertising to avoid. Some contextual advertising relies on downloading spyware to a user’s computer to monitor the user’s surfing and spending habits. True contextual advertising does not rely on this method and instead generates advertisements based on legitimate cookies in the web browser and web content.