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How to Write Good Content for Your Casino Affiliate Site

How to Write Good Content for Your Casino Affiliate Site

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    How to Write Good Content for Your Casino Affiliate Site

    Tuesday, Dec 8, 2009

    Writing good content for your casino affiliate site is a bit different than for a poker affiliate program site, but easy enough if you stick to a few simple ideas and concepts. While you don’t have quite as many avenues open to you (there’s not the same level of gossip, news, or live tournament results for casino affiliate sites as there are for poker sites), the same basic principles apply.

    Your Goal

    Your goal with any casino affiliate site is to get visitors to your site and present them with content (sprinkled with ads and banners, of course) that encourages them to click through the links to an online casino, create an account, deposit money, and start playing.

    That means your content will have to do double-duty, as it needs to be written on topics and themes that web surfers are likely to search for (which gets them to your site) but it also must motivate them to click through the links on your site and sign up at the casino sites you’re promoting.

    What is Good Content?

    As far as good content for your site, some topics are natural fits, such as reviews of online casino sites, details of player bonuses and incentives that online casino sites offer, and rules and strategies for various online casino games. Another great source of content are stories of big jackpot winners on various sites, which casino affiliate programs often make available to affiliates to post and share on their websites.

    What to Focus On

    Your primary goal with all your content on your casino affiliate site is to highlight the positive side of playing at online casinos, as far as the chance to hit a big jackpot, the convenience, and incentives and promotions such as cash bonuses for new players when they first sign up and play at an online casino. While reviews of various online casinos will likely make up the bulk of your content, don’t be afraid to think outside the box as well.

    Adding a forum or chat application for users to your site can be a great way to get content for free, as the users will provide the bulk of the forum content and conversations. Blogs are another great way to add unique content, as you can host various blogs on your site dedicated to one aspect of online casinos, such as playing slots, or another for playing high stakes blackjack, etc