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How to Write Good Content for Your Poker Affiliate Site

How to Write Good Content for Your Poker Affiliate Site

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    How to Write Good Content for Your Poker Affiliate Site

    Monday, Dec 7, 2009

    Writing good content for your poker affiliate site may not always be easy work, but it’s also not rocket science. Stick to some basic principles and have a good gameplan and you’ll have plenty of great content for your poker affiliate sites in no time.

    The Key

    The real key to writing good content is to stop for a moment and reverse the roles, and put yourself in the shoes of your intended audience. A successful poker affiliate site is able to not just get visitors and traffic, but also is successful in converting them to customers for online poker sites.

    So in order for you to get paid as an affiliate, you mission is two-fold: get traffic to your site and successfully send that traffic along to an online poker site where they’ll create an account, deposit money, and play poker. The content of your poker affiliate site, then, must be written with those goals in mind. So sharpen your pencil and put your thinking can on, as far as brainstorming and coming up with types of content that potential visitors are searching for, but also keeping an eye on your ultimate goal of encouraging them to go on to an online poker site to sign up and play.

    Where to Start

    A natural place to start with content that meets both the above goals are reviews of various online poker rooms. Reviews of various online poker sites (with the pros and cons of each) are always great content for poker affiliate sites, as you not only tap into what potential visitors are searching for in search engines (typing in phrases such as”Full Tilt poker review” or “Titan Poker review”) but they’re also visitors that are already motivated to sign up and play poker at those sites, as that’s likely the reason they’re searching for a review in the first place. These people are much easier to convert into players at the poker affiliate programs you decide to promote, including popular ones such as the Party Poker affiliates, the Full Tilt affiliate program, and Titan Poker.

    What also works

    Other content that works well for affiliate sites are success stories, or guides instructing people how to slowly build up their poker bankroll by using signup and reload bonuses and other strategies. Most people searching for more information on poker or online poker are motivated by greed more than anything, as they want to win millions playing Internet poker like the whiz kids they’ve heard about.

    Detailing the various bonus offers from online sites plays to that greed and gives visitors extra incentive to sign up through your links at poker sites, plus it again taps into search terms that are popular and highly searched for each and every month.

    Good Poker Affiliate Content Sources

    Another source of good content for affiliate sites are bios of professional poker players, as well as reviews of poker strategy books. Again, you’re tapping into existing markets that don’t require you to do a lot of education to get them to click through banners or links on your affiliate site to sign up with an online poker room; if they already know who Phil Ivey is or that Dan Harrington writes good tournament strategy books, then a lot of your work is already done for you.

    While this content isn’t quite as targeted as poker room reviews or info on bonuses, it’s also typically easier to write and takes less work to update and maintain moving forward. Other types of content that’d fit in here would include general poker news from around the world, results of big tournaments, info on legal aspects of online poker, poker gossip, strategy articles, and more.