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Get a Good Logo and Watch your Affiliate Profits Soar

Think of the major logos out there in the business world: Coca Cola, McDonald’s and the Apple apple. All of these have instant “brand recognition”.

It’s a bit much to ask an affiliate marketing site to have this broad a degree of name recognition; but some degree of logo recognition is still possible. In fact, the logo is a vital component of any web business.

One of the key factors in boosting affiliate profits is having a professional and eye-catching affiliate marketing logo, as it serves as the initial visual impression that visitors encounter when they land on a website.

“After a web surfer lands on a website, the logo is the first thing he or she sees. At least it should be. It should convey a lot about what the site represents.”

After a web surfer lands on a website, the logo is the first thing he or she sees. At least it should be. It should convey a lot about what the site represents. Do you want the site to seem more playful or professional?

Do you want a mixture of the two? Make no mistake that logo design is demanding and you should not take it lightly. Once you decide on a logo, it should then be displayed within the website and all promotional materials.

Affiliate marketers often underestimate the power of well-crafted logo designs, not realizing that a visually appealing logo is the key to capturing visitors’ attention and boosting their profits in the realm of affiliate marketing graphic design.

How to Design a Logo

For affiliate marketers, you have two ways to go — design the logo yourself or hire an outside artist. We recommend the latter for most people. WordPress (or any CMS you use) themes in 98% of cases come with a “built in” header.

For example, if you are running a car products affiliate, you could choose a theme and place a picture of a car in the header.

It’s important to avoid confusing a header and a logo. While the header is the first thing a web surfer sees, the logo is the main representation of the business and should be changed very often at all, again think of the big brands.

If you don’t plan to design the logo yourself, you can outsource the job to a logo design firm or site, depending on your budget. The advantage here is that the firm will design a series of logos and you can choose the one that best fits your business model.

One important aspect of being a successful affiliate marketer is having a design that defines your business. Your unique design will help you establish brand recognition and credibility as an affiliate marketer.

Designing a logo on your own can be a difficult process without the right inspiration. Luckily, there are a variety of businesses that specialize in design, and we help you to find the best one for your needs.

Top Logo Design Services—Helping You Choose the Best One

DesignCrowd, Logo Design Guru, and TheLogoCompany are three companies that provide logo design services. All three of these companies transfer your logo’s copyright over to you upon its completion and consider what you want for your design while also providing their creative input.

Most importantly, they work to provide you with a unique design that will help distinguish your brand and give your company a sense of professionalism.

What sets these similarly motivated design companies apart? Read on for a further comparison of, TheLogoCompany, and

Comparison: Logo Design Services
This is a company based on competition. You submit your creative proposal that outlines what you want and wait for submissions to come in. They promise a fast turnaround. Without compromising quality, first designs are promised within 24 hours and are succeeded by quick final deadlines.

This company provides specialty graphic design and art/illustration services in addition to the creation of logos.
Like Designcrowd, this website is focused on crowdsourcing designers to create logos. You can start a contest amongst graphic designers for as little as $99.

TheLogoCompany is specifically focused on designing logos with multiple purchase packages. They offer the choice of three plans: a logo, a logo and stationary, and logo, stationary and business cards.

The simplicity of these purchasing plans will allow you to focus on the creation of the logo design itself.

They provide your design in a variety of file types to ensure you can use it across different mediums. If you ever lose access to your logo, they will be able to get it to you, as they always have their customers’ logos on file.

Logos and the URL

Since it can be difficult to pin down a simple URL for an affiliate website, you can choose to create a brand name that is not a direct reflection of the URL.

This is not ideal, however, so you should try to design a logo that’s a direct translation of the URL, if possible. This will increase brand and name recognition. For instance, look at this site — the URL and the name are the same, “AffiliateTips.” Branding the logo and branding the URL go hand in hand.


When creating the logo for your affiliate site, it is worth it to have a logo professionally made. This will allow you to have a piece of art that reflects the image of your business and the skilled work of graphic designers.

The brand uniformity that a professionally made design offers helps increase your business’s name recognition optimizing your affiliate marketing can help you to find the logo design most suited to your brand and your goals.

Get a Good Logo and Watch your Affiliate Profits Soar