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As more and more businesses are successfully profiting from affiliate programs we have taken the opportunity to talk to a few of them. Get the inside tips and thoughts on SEO and affiliate programs from people earning grand commissions. Read our interviews with some of the most successful people within the affiliate business.

Interview with affiliate Adam Grunwerg from

As more and more businesses are successfully profiting from affiliate programs, the turn has now come for us to interview Adam Grunweerg who started making money as an affiliate a little over two years ago. Welcome to read about his journey up until today.

"I've had just as many failures as successful sites, which to me shows you just need to get lucky a few times before the ball starts really rolling."


1. How did you get into affiliate marketing and which markets do you operate in now?

I originally started out as a writer during University in 2009, doing various sports features and news for other affiliates.   One day, my main employer convinced me to start my own affiliate site on wordpress, and since then I've developed sites across a number of markets, specifically gambling (sports, poker, casino), finance (Forex, spread betting, binary options) and retail.


2. What was the biggest turning point in your affiliate career so far?

Making my first regular sales or CPAs was a big step, but I think my biggest turning point was when I bought a sports site for $300, added some content, spent another $300 on SEO (ranking for its main keyword) and then started generating $500 per month in CPAs. This was a pretty big step because it showed me how easy it was to make money in affiliating if you just focus on targeting lucrative traffic and maximizing conversions.  To this day the site is still making $500-$1,000 per month and only receives a dozen or so visits per day.


3. How much have your earnings grown since you started as an affiliate?

I started working full-time as an affiliate after graduating from University in June 2010.  Back then, I was making around $400-$500 per month.  1.5 years later, my earnings have jumped to around $8,000 per month.  I'm expecting this to again nearly double as a couple of my projects come into fruition over the next few months.


4. Why do you think you've had so much success where others have failed?

Regardless of hard work, I think a lot of it's down to getting lucky with a few sites and getting excellent advice from other affiliates.  I've had just as many failures as successful sites, which to me shows you just need to get lucky a few times before the ball starts really rolling.  Other than that, I'd had a lot of success targeting uncompetitive, growing niches, especially with exact-match domains.  Affiliate marketing is more about picking the right markets and keywords above anything else.


5. How has your strategy for building affiliate sites changed in the last couple of years?

The basics have stayed the same (build good content, get good links, focus on conversions), however I think the game has still changed a little.  Rather than registering exact-match domains and adding 30 pages to make a site that can make $200-$500 per month, I'm starting to build out 200+ page sites that are capable of earning at least $1,000 per month.  I've also focused more on developing premium domains worth $1,000- $20,000, getting very high quality content, and creating brands with organic social media campaigns and followers.


6. What are your main projects right now?

I'm currently working on 7-8 sites right now, however I think my biggest site with the most potential is my own affiliate blog.  There's a lot more money in the "make money online" business then people realize -I know a couple of affiliates who are earning more then $40,000 per month from their blogs.  The thing I enjoy most about this project however is helping other affiliates out, adding lots of value to the internet, and being able to write opinionated articles based on my own past experiences (for example, buying premium domains, maximizing conversion rates, tips for building a brand).


7. What changes do you predict will happen to SEO and Affiliates in the coming year?

SEO seems to have changed a ton in the last year, including the Panda Update, the integration of social search results, Google freshness updates and even secure search.  Thus, I think SEO and affiliate marketing is heading in the direction of favoring big brand type authority sites with tons of unique articles and social followers, rather than smaller sites with low quality links.  I think in particular, the ability to manage internal page rankings will get harder as more variables get thrown into the mix at a page level basis (e.g. social signals, article structure, quality, freshness, backlinks and CTR% from the SERPs).


8. Do you have any tips for new affiliates starting out in 2012?

Target upcoming, uncompetitive niches and aim to provide as much value as possible (aim to become the no.1 site in that niche).  Google seems to have got better at improving the rankings for high quality content sites, which means you'll start to see better rewards for doing these sorts of things.  In addition, try to put yourself out there and get as many contacts, links or guest posts in the niche you're working in as possible.  I strongly recommend you avoid relying on black-hat, automated link building methods for your SEO, at all costs.


Thanks to Adam G for this interview.



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