Affiliate Marketing

Interview with Nicole Dean, the Affiliate Success Coach

Nicole Dean is an affiliate success coach, the affiliate’s advocate to say the least. In an exclusive interview with, Nicole shares some top-notch affiliate tips and her own story on how she learned how to become an successfull online affiliate.

“The biggest pro being an affiliate is the ease of getting started. All you have to do is set up a Squidoo page, a blogger blog, a Word press blog, a Squeeze page, or a website and you’re off and running.”

To start off, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up as an affiliate coach.

Hi. First of all, thanks for asking me to do this interview. I love to share tips to help affiliates succeed.

As far as me, I’ve been an internet marketer since 2004, and have been earning a full time income for almost that long – and my income has consistently grown each year. So, yes, it is possible to earn good money with affiliate programs.

I primarily deal with downloadable products, not physical ones. So, I make the majority of my income through selling ebooks and mp3 learning audios.

What is there to say about me? Well, when I started to promote affiliate programs as an affiliate, I became frustrated pretty quickly for a few different reasons.

  1. The instructions were terrible. I felt like I was jumping through hoops just to make them money.
  2. The restrictions were just as bad. The list of things that I wasn’t allowed to do was longer than the list of things that I could do.
  3. There were very few tools other than some graphics to help me promote their programs.

I decided at that point to become an advocate for affiliates. I wrote several articles, asking the question “Does your Affiliate Program Stink?”  I submitted press releases that challenged affiliate managers to ramp up their affiliate programs to better serve their affiliates. I reminded affiliate managers that affiliates are to be *valued* rather than looked down upon.

Believe it or not, there used to be people who would complain about having to pay their affiliates each month. Oh, it seems like the dark ages to me now to even think about it.

Thankfully, things do seem to be improving. But, at that time, I decided that I wanted to become an Affiliate Manager myself and to help other people to ramp up their affiliate programs and improve their relations with their affiliates by offering more tools, better communication, and overall goodwill.

That’s how was started.

What is it that an affiliate coach does exactly?

I help people who have sluggish or unresponsive affiliate programs to turn them around. My job consists of: Recruiting, Motivating, Training and Managing Affiliates.

Describe a normal day at work.

Normal? Funny. 😉 A normal day for me includes a lot of writing. I’m usually communicating with affiliates, either one on one or by sending updates via our mailing lists. I’m also writing articles or viral reports for affiliates to use to promote us. And, I’m usually writing training materials to send them, as well.

Or, I’m interacting with my team of work at home moms who help me to do all of the above and more. In fact, I’ve had so many people ask me about how I outsource so effectively that I co-created a course with Jimmy D.  Brown about that very topic

What are the pros and cons working as an affiliate?

The biggest pro is the ease of getting started. All you have to do is set up a Squidoo page, a blogger blog, a Word press blog, a Squeeze page, or a website and you’re off and running.

The cons – the real power is in having your OWN affiliate program.

In your experience, is it hard to make an income on affiliate marketing?

Getting started can be hard. But, once you start to get momentum, there’s no stopping you.

The important thing is to make sure that you aren’t getting stuck at hurdles. If you do, please consider outsourcing those tasks so you can move ahead.

In your eyes, what is the most lucrative affiliate segment right now?

Personally, I like the home-business market and the health and fitness markets. Both groups spend a lot of money.

How has affiliate marketing changed since you started out?

It has changed drastically in one particular way that I care about most – it’s open to everyone now. Affiliate marketing used to be just for buddies to track each other’s sales. Now, anyone can become an affiliate and benefit from this type of business model.

Any last advice you want to share with beginner affiliates?

Yes. Do a lot of testing and tracking to see what is working and what is a waste of your time. That’s the only way you’ll really be able to improve your results quickly and effectively. Otherwise, you’re just working with blinders on. Take them off and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to grow.