Interview with super affiliate Nick from

Interview with super affiliate Nick from

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    As more and more businesses are successfully profiting from affiliate programs we have taken the opportunity to talk to a few of them. Get the inside tips and thoughts on SEO and affiliate programs from people earning grand commissions. Read our interviews with some of the most successful people within the affiliate business.

    Interview with super affiliate Nick from

    Nicky is a super affiliate. And when he is not attending affiliate conferences or spreading his visom at, Nicky has taken the time for an exclusive interviw with own Josh Simmons. Thanks to affiliate marketing Nicky can live the good life. Read his full story and affiliate tips right here.

    “Test everything, especially stuff that you don’t think will work. That’s usually the stuff that ends up making me a fortune.”

    How did you get started with affiliate marketing?

    Well, I got tired of playing video games all day, and the girl i was with at the time wasn’t too keen on her boyfriend making a living working retail.  One of my online buddies told me that he had been making money with some websites using adsense which prompted me to research further, and eventually I ended up where I am today.

    When did you realize internet marketing was your calling?

    Probably after I got my first check for over $10k.  Before that, it was a hobby and did not really pay the bills very well.  As soon as I realized I could make more money than most successful business people and never have a boss again, I was hooked.

    In your experience, is it hard to make an income on affiliate marketing?

    No.  Unless you’re stupid and unwilling to think for yourself.  In that case it might be hard, but I’ve never had that problem, fortunately.

    Any tips on how to become a successful affiliate?

    Test everything, especially stuff that you don’t think will work.  That’s usually the stuff that ends up making me a fortune.

    What do you consider your most successful affiliate achievement?

    Helping some friends get started with affiliate marketing who now make mid six figures a month.  That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside….and so do the referral commission checks I get for having them signed up under me on a network =P  But yeah, for some reason I feel less excited about large numbers in my bank account than I do about seeing people I helped out do well.

    How much have you earned from affiliate marketing? (Roughly)

    I don’t really disclose this as it’s really nobody’s business and I’m not a check-holding douchebag blog-bragger like shoemoney.

    What is your view on the affiliate marketing business today?

    Could be worse 😉

    What is the most lucrative affiliate segment right now?

    Health, wealth, and relationships, as always.

    How has affiliate marketing changed since you started out?

    When I started, ringtones were really popular, and now they’re less so.  Other than that, not much.

    Any additional forecasts of affiliate marketing?

    The industry is growing rapidly, but not preportionally.  Thousands of new affiliates are born every day, but not many new networks and merchants.  This means mass saturation of offers, which in turn means it’s becoming much more difficult to get started in the industry.  So, for new people, it’s important to test your own ideas, and not just try to steal other people’s ideas which will be dying from oversaturation kinda quickly.  Also, if you have the opportunity, get on the merchant side of things.  That’s where all the money is.

    Any last advice you want to share with beginner affiliates?

    Don’t read blogs.  If you want to learn PPC, learn how to use adwords/yahoo/msn search platforms using their own help sections, and start to promote stuff on your own.  You’re just going to waste your time reading a bunch of forums and blogs.  Just try a bunch of stuff instead.  I wish I had done that instead of wasting my first 3 months in the industry on worthless websites like digitalpoint and john chow.  Also, never trust anyone.  The merchant and affiliate networks are usually out to get you, so keep that in mind.  You’re the boss of them, not the other way around.

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