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As more and more businesses are successfully profiting from affiliate programs we have taken the opportunity to talk to a few of them. Get the inside tips and thoughts on SEO and affiliate programs from people earning grand commissions. Read our interviews with some of the most successful people within the affiliate business.

Latest Articles

  • Interview with affiliate Adam Grunwerg from
    As more and more businesses are successfully profiting from affiliate programs, the turn has now come for us to interview Adam Grunweerg who started making money as an affiliate a little over two years ago. Welcome to read about his journey up until today.
  • Interview with affiliate Jon Davidson from CheapInsurance123.Com
    As more and more businesses are successfully profiting from affiliate programs, we've taken the opportunity to talk to online entrepreneurs like Jon Davidson of to find out what they're doing and why. Read our interview with Davidson to get his take on running a successful insurance site that uses SEO and affiliate programs to build traffic and earn commissions while providing real services to its readers.
  • Interview with super affiliate Nick from
    Nicky is a super affiliate. And when he is not attending affiliate conferences or spreading his visom at, Nicky has taken the time for an exclusive interviw with own Josh Simmons. Thanks to affiliate marketing Nicky can live the good life. Read his full story and affiliate tips right here.
  • Interview with Nicole Dean, the Affiliate Success Coach
    Nicole Dean is an affiliate success coach, the affiliate's advocate to say the least. In an exclusive interview with, Nicole shares some top-notch affiliate tips and her own story on how she learned how to become an successfull online affiliate.
  • Interview with successful affiliate Harrison 16 years old
    Hi is 16 years old and has already made some serious money of affiliate marketing. Harrison has been working with affiliate marketing since 2006. When he is not starting new campaigns and speculating for the next hot affiliate segment you can find him at handing out great affiliate tips like free candy.
  • Interview with Affiliate Summit Shawn Collins!
    After 5 years of leading the most popular and well-visited affiliate conference in the world, Affiliate Summit co-creator Shawn Collins sits down for a chat with's own Joshua Simmons. Much like the rest of us Shawn started out as an affiliate and today tells us a story of true affiliate success.
  • Interview with oneNetworkDirect
    We at meet many interesting people, and companies, working in the world of affiliates. Everyone has their own story about, for example, how they got started and what it was that made them think about working as an affiliate in the beginning. We think it's in everyone's interest to share these stories, to get tips and tricks, or simply to get inspired. This time we called up George Hansen, Sr. Business Manager at oneNetworkDirect, to ask him some questions about oneNetworkDirect, and what he thinks about the future for affiliates.
  • Interview with a web hosting affiliate
    We at love to hear about successful affiliate stories. We met up with Adam who has experienced great success ($80,000 in two years) working as a web hosting affiliate. In only two years Adam has started to earn enough to make a comfortable living through affiliate marketing. It's truly inspiring to hear him talk about how he got started and also having him give away some tips and tricks.
  • Interview with a successful client of SnapNames is one of the largest auction domain services when it comes to domain names that are soon to be expired. What they do is to auction off these domains to the highest bidder. SnapNames offer an extensive list of domain names.
  • Making a living by guiding web visitors
    Charles and his colleague have worked up an affiliate site in the personal finance segment, which today generates a nice, solid income to them and a couple of associates.

Top 10 Programs

Program Commission
1 Direct Net Partners $50 CPA Review
2 $50 CPA Review
3 $150 CPA Review
4 $90 CPA Review
5 Intertops 30% CPO Review
6 AffiliateEdge 50% CPO Review
7 BestPay Partners 40% CPO Review
8 Market Health $20 CPA Review
9 RevenueJet 35% CPO Review
10 MedStore 29% CPO Review