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Learn How to Make Monye With Domain Parking

Learn How to Make Monye With Domain Parking

  • Learn How to Make Monye With Domain Parking
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    As the Internet has passed grand advertisement channels like Television this marketing platform is starting to take its full shape as one of the biggest marketing channels we have today. When experts condemned Internet before they today stay silent. The future of Internet marketing is here, the potential and profits endless.

    Make Money with Domain Parking

    Friday, Nov 21, 2008

    It might sound strange but it’s actually possible to make money in parking a domain. It’s cheap and takes no, or close to no, effort at all which makes it a very attractive option for online entrepreneurs. But obviously the question remains – exactly what does it mean to park a domain and how do one make money from it?

    “It’s all very obvious – a site that drives targeted traffic will always generate money.”

    As you probably know by now are there many ways of earning money from the Internet and domain parking is something that’s been popular for quite some time now – and it’s still increasing in popularity. If you’ve never parked domains before might it be a tad bit confusing in the beginning. To help you out we thought it could be a good idea to structuralize the process. Once you get the hang of it you might find yourself asking the question “why didn’t I get started with this earlier?!” Domaining is great for beginners as well as for veterans in the industry.

    It’s all very obvious – a site that drives targeted traffic will always generate money. There are two ways of working with this Internet marketing method – you either register a new domain name or you take a look at expired domain names. Let’s start with having a look at registering a new domain name, also referred to as the “typical marketing method”.

    Taking a New Domain Name

    Begin with finding out what products, hobbies and services that are getting many searches online. One way of finding this out is by using the Google trends service. When you’ve learned this it’s time to register a domain name that is related to the niche you’ve chosen. Ok, now that you’ve registered a domain it’s time to start building a site. Remember that the site doesn’t have to be very advanced – use a content management system and create simple static html pages.

    A good thing to think about is that if you create 10 pages, or more, you’ll get indexed by Google faster. As time goes by it’s important that you keep updating your site. This is a must or Google, and other search engines, will regard your site as dead and it’s also a good way to get more pages indexed. If you create really good content people will start linking to your site which will increase its rank on the search engines. Learning how to work with SEO is also a good way of getting a higher rank.

    Now it’s time to sign up with affiliate programs that operate in your chosen niche and to start adding their material to your site. We must stress that it’s extremely important that you keep it very niched. That goes for the content, the domain name and the affiliate programs you sign up with. If not, you can kiss your conversion goodbye.

    Picking up an Expired Domain Name

    Just as when you’re buying a new domain name you’ll have start with finding a popular niche to work in. The next thing is to find a good place where they sell expired domains – this could for example be GoDaddy or SnapNames. Unfortunately, you won’t be alone at these places and it might take some time before you find a good domain name in your niche at a reasonable price. However, it’s not impossible and there are some real gems out there.

    Once you’ve obtained a domain you can either continue where the former owner ended or you can launch it from the start up. If you choose to start from scratch you have to build a site covering the same topic as the old site had, and sign up with affiliate programs that are related to the topic. The advantage with buying expired domain names is that they’re already indexed on the search engines which make your work much easier and quicker. The disadvantage with expired domains is that it’s pricier and the fact that they’re indexed doesn’t equal that they’re going to generate earnings.