Affiliate Marketing

What to look for in an affiliate program

“Only promote products of high quality on your site. You might make a few quick bucks by referring your visitors to a merchant with inferior products, but it won’t be an effective strategy in the long run.”


The affiliate program(s) you join should be related to the content on your web site (site relevant programs). This way, people who find your site interesting will be more inclined to visit merchants you promote, and make a purchase.

Affiliate sites promoting merchants in many different areas, without considering the relevance at all, very rarely become successful.

Financial Stability

Make sure the affiliate program you join, and the company behind it, is stable and reliable. The best idea is to look for merchants who have been online a while, and are trusted and financially sound. If you join a program you are not certain of, you might run into all sorts of problems.

The worst is, of course, if you don’t receive the payments you are entitled to. Don’t be fooled by promises of high commissions or other advantageous offers.

You can, however, take comfort in the fact that all affiliate programs listed at are reliable and trustworthy.


Only promote products of high quality on your site. You might make a few quick bucks by referring your visitors to a merchant with inferior products, but it won’t be an effective strategy in the long run.

You will quickly get a bad reputation, and that will seriously hurt your chances of creating a successful affiliate marketing business.

You should also make sure that the products you promote are something people actually want. There should be a genuine need for, or interest in, what you are selling/reselling.

It’s also a good idea to choose a product or service that’s aimed at a growing segment. This way you’ll be sure to make money for quite some time.

Landing page

The landing page is the first thing a potential customer sees when he or she clicks on an ad, making it extremely important. If it’s poorly constructed it won’t only have a low conversion rate it will probably also discredit your webpage since it was you who referred the client.

Make time to look at some WebPages and you’ll soon learn which one’s that will earn you money. If you like the page and find it fun and easy accessible then probably your referrals will too. If want to learn more about the importance of a good landing page, read about PPC here.


This is, of course, maybe the single most important thing for you when choosing affiliate program but don’t let this be the decisive point. It doesn’t matter if you’ll earn 90% commission if the product isn’t selling.

Sometimes you’ll be offered a one time flat fee, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and other times a continuous revenue share.

Is it likely that your referral will go back and buy anything more? If the answer is yes then a continuous revenue share is perhaps to prefer. If possible, find out the conversion rate since this is of great importance for your earnings.

Also, what is the minimum amount of quotes that has to be fulfilled to get paid? Read more about different payment solutions.

Statistics – commission tracking

Of course, you as an affiliate want to be able to track your sales and find out how much commission you have earned at any given time. I can also be useful to find out the number of visitors you refer.

Real-time, online reports, is optimal when it comes to commission tracking, but there are other options available as well, such as email services,. Good statistics are also very helpful when you want to develop your affiliate site and make it more effective.


Solid affiliate management and support is very important. Look for a program with good affiliate managers who are helpful, knowledgeable and quick to respond.

Don’t forget that you’re the one referring new clients, generating money to the companies. The affiliate programs should have a fully functional support, helping you whenever needed, regardless of your query. If they aren’t easy to get a hold of chances are you’re going to have some kind of problem with them in the future.

What to look for in an affiliate program