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Optimize Your Affiliate Business with Magazines

Affiliate marketing works best when it’s advertised on the Internet, right? Yes, that’s true. However, why limit your potential affiliates by relying on just the Internet? In fact, by incorporating magazines into your overall advertising plan, you may notice an increase that more than justifies the expense.

“Paper magazines aren’t the only source for quality affiliate marketing information. In fact, there are plenty of places online to find current news, help and inspiration.”

The key is to place your ads strategically. Advertise your affiliate program in the magazines best suited to your ideal consumer or target audience. Or better yet, there are magazines dedicated to the industry of affiliate marketing and the people who make it work! The readers of those magazines are already aware of what affiliate marketing is and how they can benefit from it.

Affiliate Marketing Magazines

Every profession on the planet has an industry magazine and affiliate marketing is no different. These magazines can help you stay up to date on industry changes and help you make the most of your profession. They follow the ups and downs and let you know what’s currently hot and what’s not.

With the information gathered by the industry professionals, these magazines can help you to reach the maximum potential of your affiliate program. Here are a few of the most popular affiliate magazines.

Revenue Magazine is one of the largest publications in the industry and has over 150,000 readers. In addition, website traffic doubled in 2006, solidifying the fact that affiliate marketing is stronger now than ever!

Revenue provides readers with real-time strategies, inspiring success stories, how-tos, case studies and industry news. It also teaches readers how to attract new merchants or affiliates.

Revenue Magazine is the one publication that professional affiliates and merchants read faithfully to optimize their affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Classroom

Another popular magazine for affiliates is Affiliate Classroom. Affiliate Classroom reports on all of the latest trends in the industry. Perhaps the most inspiring for readers is that everyone associated with the magazine are all affiliates.

This gives a birds-eye perspective on the industry and provides realistic reporting. The main goal of Affiliate Classroom is to help its readers maximize website traffic, increase conversions and ultimately, revenue.

Advertising Age

While it’s not individually dedicated to affiliate marketing, you can’t argue the impact of Advertising Age’s 71-year legacy as one of the top magazines on the marketing industry. If you want to learn to be the best, you should align yourself with a proven winner, and that is exactly Advertising Age.

Internet Marketing Reporter

Paper magazines aren’t the only source for quality affiliate marketing information. In fact, there are plenty of places online to find current news, help and inspiration. The Internet Marketing Reporter is one such place.

With a circulation of 27,000 readers, it’s one of the biggest weekly newsletters on the Internet and a great place to display an ad for your affiliate program. The website was recently featured on as a top resource for Internet Marketers.

Superior Marketing Partners

Sign up for this free ezine at and receive tons of worthwhile information and advice for improving your overall affiliate performance. Place an ad in the newsletter for only $25 and reach thousands of loyal readers.

Not Just Another Ezine

This weekly ezine is designed with the affiliate marketer in mind. Plenty of helpful tips, advertisement ability and loyal readers make Not Just Another Ezine just that. Sign up for the ezine at and take advantage of the information delivered by the always creative Anna.

Marketing Today

One of the premier Internet marketing resources available, Marketing Today is read by more than 20 percent of the Fortune 1,000 companies. Simply put, this is one of the more powerful resources for marketing information found online.

Advertise Your Affiliate Marketing Organization in Industry Magazines

While these magazines are great sources of information for affiliates and merchants, you can also use them to make your affiliate program more visible. Placing an advertisement in these magazines makes perfect sense, since industry members read it.

They already know about affiliate marketing and its potential. In fact, affiliate marketing is the reason the consumer is reading the magazine in the first place!

Without a doubt, whether you plan to gain information from reading them, or you plan to increase your affiliate membership through advertising, industry magazines can definitely help optimize your affiliate marketing potential.

Optimize Your Affiliate Business with Magazines