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As more and more companies are establishing their businesses on the Internet, affiliate programs have risen in popularity as a strong internet marketing tool. Assigned affiliates get rewarded for directing traffic and potential customer to the company’s website. This is an excellent way to earn some extra cash on your website, as an affiliate. Learn all about it!

Plastic Surgery Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has proven over and over again that it is a solid way to make money online. However, the key to being successful at affiliate marketing is to find the right product or service to market. Although the possibilities are endless in terms of the products and services that are available to market, there is a new field emerging that has the potential to be extremely lucrative and rewarding - plastic surgery. This may seem way off base for many considering it is such a high-priced, specialty field; however, this is exactly why it is so lucrative.

Types of Plastic Surgery Affiliate Marketing

There are three main avenues for earning income in this field. The first is to promote products associated with aesthetic surgery such as anti-aging creams and corrective cosmetics. The second is to promote products associated with pre and post cosmetic surgery such as remedies for bruising, recovery pillows, and compression garments. The third is to promote and/or refer potential patients to actual plastic surgeons. Even though each of these avenues can be very financially rewarding, it is important to do your homework, especially if you opt to engage in the third type.

Only referrals to board certified, reputable plastic surgeons should be made. The reason behind this is simple: board certified surgeons are required to complete a very strict certification process that includes the surgeon has been in practice for s specific amount of years, has undergone a certain amount of training, and passes a thorough inspection of their facilities. This certification will essentially protect the affiliate marketer from liability or wrong doing on the part of the surgeon. However, it is still a good idea to include some form of disclaimer on your website.

It is imperative to know the legality of engaging in the business of plastic surgery referrals. It is illegal for any plastic surgeon to buy referral traffic; therefore, many of the accepted methods used in affiliate marketing such as cost per lead (CPL), cost per action (CPA), and cost per order (CPO) are not applicable. It is however, acceptable for a plastic surgeon to pay a fixed fee to have their name listed on a a searchable site. As a matter of fact, many reputable sites such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery implement this method.

There is a very important distinguishing factor here. In CPL, CPA, or CPO methods a plastic surgeon would in theory pay an affiliate marketer per referral that they make. In the other method, a plastic surgeon would pay a fixed monthly or yearly fee to have their name and contact information listed on a website that is searchable by the general public. The first method is illegal, the latter is not.

Earning Potential:

Affiliate marketing in the area of plastic surgery is still fairly new; however, there are a few companies that have proven the success of this field. and are just a few that have reaped the benefits of this type of partnership. As a matter of fact, Nicki from says that the attitude towards aesthetic surgery is changing in a positive way and that affiliate marketing in the plastic surgery field can be rewarding if you do your homework right. Affiliate programs offer anywhere between 20 to 40% of any sales made via your personal referral. Let's look at some actual figures...
Affiliates for are responsible for referring people to Global Medical Services for cosmetic surgery procedures. The cost of a combination tummy tuck and breast augmentation is $6.495.00. As an affiliate marketer of this service, you would earn 40% of this cost, if the patient completes the procedure. Your profit on one referral would be a whopping $2,598.00!
The numbers don't lie. The sky is the limit for the earning potential in the plastic surgery affiliate marketing field.

A Competitive Advantage:

Because this is such a new field, there isn't much competition. Therefore, if the right affiliate marketing program is chosen and it is implemented correctly, it could change the way you live life.

More Affiliate Sites:

Currently, the single most lucrative and respectable affiliate site on the web is This site has done an amazing job of marketing invaluable information and links to plastic surgeons. Another extremely reputable and lucrative site is Any person who is looking to get into this field should study these two sites and strive to mimic them.

Overall, this is a groundbreaking new area of affiliate marketing that has unlimited earning potential. However, it will only be as successful as your understanding of it. Doing your homework before you begin any type of affiliate marketing program is imperative.


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Thank you to Nicki @ LiposuctionCost.Com

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