B&H Photo Video Affiliate Program

The B&H affiliate program review covers the advantages of making a connection with B&H Photo Video. B&H is an online store that deals with all things having to do with photography and video, from cameras to big screen TVs. That means not only handling the large items but also smaller pieces such as a camera or laptop bags

“If you have a multi-page website that’s relevant to this type of merchandise, does not have broken links, and is in general fully-functioning, then you can become a B&H affiliate.”

What Does It Mean to Be a B&H Photo Affiliate?

If you are a B&H Photo affiliate, then you can earn up to 8 percent on products sold through your website. That might not sound like much compared to other affiliate programs, but their merchandise is often small and they move a lot of it.

For example, if a customer likes to have extra SD cards for his or her camera, and you get 8 percent of the sales price for a single SD card, and those small purchases can really add up. Furthermore, if a customer shops for a small item, there is a chance that they might buy a larger one.

Quicker Payouts

Because B&H deals with small items that have the potential to earn a few cents per sale, they pay out more frequently than some of the affiliate programs that focus on bigger sale items.

You need to accumulate only $80 in credits to receive your commission. When you combine that with the principle of making nimble pennies vs. slow dollars, your earnings through the B&H Photo Video Affiliate Program could mount up quickly.

When you earn commissions on sales made through your website, that is not only good for the company, it is also good you. That is what makes the B&H Photo affiliate program a win-win proposition for everyone, including customers.

Whether you are reaching out to other businesses with a B2B business plan or whether you are more of a B2C operation, when it comes to improving your bottom line, that added commission could be just the margin that you need.

When you make sales, of course, that means the company is making sales, too. On top of that, being an affiliate helps you to offer quality merchandise to your website viewers.

Earning Commissions

Earnings begin at 2 percent, with the potential to increase with good performance. B&H offers an increasingly long list of products brands such as Sensei, Xuma and Pearstone at higher commission rates.

Regardless of the commission rate, you can feel good about offering your website viewers quality merchandise that is relevant to their photography activities.

8% commission on a growing list of over 3,000 products from the following brands:

Audio Engine
Sound Device

Compliance with Local Regulations

B&H takes pride in being compliant with all local regulations and limitations on soliciting sales. This means that residents of Connecticut, Louisiana and Pennsylvania are excluded from participation.

Residents of other areas are asked not to actively promote items sold through the B&H Affiliate program through door-to-door sales, flyers, local advertising, and similar activities. Your sales should be generated as passive by displaying links on your website.

Increasing Your Bottom Line

The proverbial “bottom line” is the profit or loss listed as the last line in a financial statement. Traditionally, losses are written in red, while profits are written in black.

The goal of any entrepreneur is to have that bottom line in black and ever growing. B&H is here to help you do just that with its affiliate program because, as we said, what is good for you is good for the company, too.


In conclusion – B&H Photo Affiliate Program

As an affiliate with B&H Photo Video affiliate program you’ll receive up to 8% commission on sales. This might appear to be a low commission if you compare with other affiliate programs but keep in mind that these products are cheap – easy to sell – and we are sure that you’ll be pleased with your earnings.