Credit Card Affiliate Programs

There are many types of businesses out there that use this style of marketing. One of the most popular types of affiliate programs is for credit cards.

If you haven’t heard about this category, now is the time to learn – credit card affiliate programs are really taking off in the e-commerce industry.

What are Credit Card Affiliate Programs?

These programs work just like any other type of associate programming, but the main focus is on credit cards. Credit card affiliate programs have had major success in recent years.

Think about it: almost every adult person uses a credit card, or multiple credit cards, in everyday life. Most of us use the internet to learn about and compare which ones offer the best rates and benefits. That’s where affiliate sites come in.

If you are trying to become an affiliate partner for a credit card company, your website can help to connect people to potential credit cards that they qualify for. People look for plans based on their own needs – for example, they might want a card for people with less than perfect credit, or one that offers travel rewards or cashback.

Affiliate sites for credit cards can list cards according to these needs. You could set up a guide for the best credit cards for gaining air miles, for college students, for cashback on bills, and so on.

Every time someone takes out a credit card using the links on your website, you could earn a commission from the company offering them (if they have an affiliate program in place).

Potential Financial Gains

So, by now, you know that becoming an affiliate partner with a merchant site is desirable – you could make good money through commission, and it can be quite lucrative if you do it right. Let’s look at what you stand to gain by participating in an affiliate program for credit cards.

Generous Commissions

Everybody, regardless of gender and location, has their own credit card nowadays. This is a simple fact. Wouldn’t it be great if you could help people find credit cards out of the ordinary and make money while doing it?

Sign up as an affiliate to any of the credit card affiliate programs and do just that. Take a look at the commissions and you’ll probably understand that this is a lucrative segment!

The important thing to understand, if you’re serious about getting into this business, is rates of commission. Not all programs pay their affiliates the same amount or in the same way.

You must find options that work for you and the type of affiliate site you run. Two of the most common methods for commission include:

1. CPA (Click Per Action)

CPA options (also known as Click Per Action) are based on the reader clicking on an affiliate website link and then taking action on it. In traditional affiliate programs, this action would be them purchasing a product.

But for credit card affiliate programs, the “action” that those companies want to generate is people clicking on links to card applications, filling them out, and getting approved for one. This commission method is the highest-paying, with some companies paying up to $150 per customer who signs up.

2. Per Application Filled Out

The other common method for getting paid is based on how many people you get to fill out an application (regardless of whether or not they are approved and receive a card). Generally, this type of program pays less, maybe around $2-5 or more depending on the company.

Both options are great and allow for a lot of flexibility for planning purposes. Most people incorporate both types into their affiliate sites. Look for programs that work for the type of traffic your site generates.

Also, look for companies that offer cards that could fit within the context of your site. For example, if you run a travel blog, a good angle would be marketing a credit card that offers air mile benefits.


As you explore your options for credit card affiliate programs, remember that you aren’t the only one doing it. Lots of other sites have caught on to this lucrative opportunity. You’ll have to put in the work and research to make your content stand out.

But, with time and practice, you should start to build a sizable income based on this type of marketing; especially if you take the time to update your content or guides regularly with new cards and offers.

Remember to remind your readers about using credit cards sensibly – this gives you an extra boost in trustworthiness and helps to position you as an authority to your audience.

One nice feature of the credit card affiliate niche is that you can often choose from various commission options, with some working better for you than others depending on the type of traffic you have.

The CPA options offered by many credit card programs are the eye-catching ones, paying up to $150 per customer that you refer to them that fills out their application and is approved for a credit card.

An easy way is to create a credit card comparison site.

Other programs offer commission plans that pay you much smaller amounts (usually in the $2-$5 range) but you get paid for every person you refer to them that fills out an application, regardless of whether they’re approved and ever get a credit card.

This flexibility is a great feature of credit card affiliate programs, as it lets you pick and choose the options that are best for you based on your traffic, and even allows you to blend the two on your sites, as far as featuring links for both types of programs.

You won’t be the only person chasing hefty commissions in the credit card affiliate program world, as plenty of other affiliates are chasing those same generous commissions. But with a little research and hard work you’ll be cashing some big affiliate checks in no time, all thanks to credit card programs!