EasyMarkets Affiliate Program

EasyMarkets, previously known as EasyForex, was established in 2001 and is managed in tier-1 and tier-2 jurisdiction, which makes it a low-risk forex and Contract for Differences (CFD) broker.

It was one of the first companies to offer retail forex trading also in the same year, 2001. In 2005, the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC) granted Easy Markets Proprietary Limited regulatory status, and in 2007, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission granted Easy Forex Trading Ltd regulatory status.

EasyMarkets is well recognized for its easy-to-use copyrighted platform, which includes two significant features: DealCancellation and Freeze Rate. However, the EasyMarkets portfolio has some flaws, such as the absence of comprehensive forex market analysis tools, a limited subscription of only 256 tradeable tools, and a subpar mobile application.

EasyMarkets’ patented trading platform is simple to use and has several unique features that appeal to beginners. However, it is, on the other hand, expensive and has a limited assortment of tradeable products, and could also lack market research.

Having said that, EasyMarkets’ MetaTrader 4 (MT4) service offers free guaranteed stop-loss orders that is not recommendable. The browser-based version of MT4 is not available at EasyMarkets, and market headlines are not included.

EasyMarkets’ patented trading platform is simple to use and has several unique features that appeal to beginners. However, it is, on the other hand, expensive and has a limited assortment of tradeable products, and could also lack market research.


  • Payouts are made quickly and easily
  • Consultant for Personal Partners
  • Free promotional materials
  • Tracking that is generated automatically
  • Plans for Hybrid/Custom Partners
  • Trading via app, web, and MT4


  • A limited offering of only 256 tradeable products
  • Expensive trading platform
  • Lacks market research

Revenue is the first and most obvious reason marketers invest in the EasyMarkets program. Clearly, the primary motivation for most digital marketers to become affiliates is to earn money. And fortunately, as an EasyMarkets partner, you’ll have a variety of options for tailoring and optimizing your activities, channels, and referral pool.

Trust Score

EasyMarkets is deemed to be of moderate risk after gaining a general average trust score of 82 over 99. It isn’t a publicly-traded company, and it doesn’t run a bank.

EasyMarkets is regulated by three tiers of regulators: one tier-1 (high trust), one tier-2 (medium trust), and one tier-3 (poor trust / low trust). The Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) is a tier-1 authority that has approved EasyMarkets.


CFDs allow you to trade cryptocurrency, but you can’t trade the underlying asset directly; for instance, buying a digital currency such as a Bitcoin.

Retail traders and UK citizens should be aware that no broker’s UK business offers crypto CFDs.

Conversion Rate

EasyMarkets provides its partners with a lead to the active customer conversion rate of up to 25%, as well as several levels of engagement and income schemes, to provide an unrivaled partner experience in the industry.

As a partner, you’ll have access to a high level of assistance, including marketing materials, a dedicated affiliate success manager, and the opportunity to work with and thrive with a well-known and well-established broker.


Trading fees vary by account type, and non-variable spreads are set throughout the web platform, MetaTrader4, and a VIP account at EasyMarkets.

The most competitive pricing is found in EasyMarkets’ VIP account, which involves depositing an amount of $2,500 ($100 for EU and UK residents), together with its web platform, which entails a $250 deposit. On the Euro and U.S. Dollars, both the EasyMarkets platform and the MT4 account offer fixed spreads of 0.9 pips on both accounts.

Platforms and Tools

EasyMarkets provides two platforms: its HTML5 web-based platform and MetaTrader 4. (MT4).

The EasyMarkets trading site is otherwise modest, with only a watch list, news calendar, charts, a sentiment indicator, and some other relative tools.

The platform’s clean and simple design does a good job of retaining customers’ attention on trade even though other picky traders will not be satisfied enough with this.

Trading Tools

DealCancellation and Freeze Rate are two unique trading features available on the EasyMarkets platform. The DealCancellation tool allows you to undo your transaction and reclaim your losses for a certain period or up to 6 hours. Meanwhile, you can freeze a quote for 3 seconds by using the Freeze Rate button.

Both tools sound appealing, but EasyMarkets clearly promotes them due to many factors, implying that they must be profitable for the company overall. In addition, the EasyMarkets platform provides guaranteed stop-loss orders without payment, although other brokers charge a little fee.


Despite having a wide range of capabilities, EasyMarkets’ research service only goes a little beyond the industry’s absolute minimum. An economic calendar, a sentiment indicator, real time news from FxWirePro, and trading signals from Trading Central are among the research tools provided on EasyMarkets’ trading platforms for real account users.

Mobile Trading

EasyMarkets provides both its own mobile app and the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) mobile app. The EasyMarkets mobile app has a simple design that closely resembles its web-based predecessor, including the ability to sync watch lists.

The mobile app’s charting is driven by Trading View, a cloud-based charting and social-networking software for investment traders, which has the same indicators as the web version of the platform.

Overall, it is simple and straightforward, but it lacks the depth of features and tools of the greatest mobile trading applications based on other valuations.


EasyMarkets offers a modest multi-asset brokerage method with 256 tradeables and FX options. Aside from tradeable resources, EasyMarkets has its own custom trading platform in addition to MT4, which sets it apart from the other MetaTrader4 brokers.

Because there is no difference in pricing between the broker’s web interface and MetaTrader4, MetaTrader4 is included in the selection at EasyMarkets. However, EasyMarkets’ flagship online interface and VIP accounts take effort to match with the finest forex brokers.

Trading securities come with a significant amount of risk associated with the foreign exchange market and cryptocurrencies that cover factors such as leverage, viability, government protection, and market volatility, all of which can have a significant impact on the liquidity of a currency.

Thus, it is not expected that the procedures, strategies, or indicators defined in these items will neither be profitable nor will lead to financial losses.