Best Health Affiliate Programs

Here’s your chance to promote good quality health products with the Health Affiliate Program of your choice. Get great commissions and attractive marketing tools.

Many affiliate health programs offer up to 50% commission on every sale. Segment standard CPO lies around 20-30%. We have gathered some of the best health affiliate programs, making sure that you’ll turn maximum possible profit off your website.

The health segment is a very lucrative one for affiliates. The commissions are great and it’s also one of those affiliate segments where you feel like you’re helping out.

At the same time as you help people to get better you make money. Truly a win-win situation! Read our in-depth reviews and decide which is the best health affiliate program for your website.

Willow CBD Affiliate Program

CBD is predicted to explode to a $20 billion dollar industry by 2024.

40 states in the United States permit CBD to be sold legally, with more on the way.

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Microbiome + Affiliate Program

Offers clinically proven probiotics and advanced digestive supplements.

The #1 Heart Health Probiotic which lowers LDL cholesterol by 11.64%.

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How to guide for Health Affiliates

Make sure to read the reviews above and then choose the health affiliate program that best fits your website. The affiliate program you choose should always be aligned with the strategy for your health website or subsection.

When this is done, please read our how to guide for affiliate marketing . Use the tips presented in this how-to article together with the objective reviews presented above to become a successful health affiliate.