Ink Affiliate Programs

There are lots of money to be made in the online ink industry. If you’re looking to earn money on affiliate marketing, there are many ink companies offering good and lucrative affiliate programs.

Standard in the segment are normally around 20-30 % CPO but some affiliate programs may pay up to 50 % commission, to loyal and newly signed up members. We’ll help you to find the best suitable ink affiliate program here at

The Best Ink Affiliate Programs

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Buying ink and photo paper on the web is an expanding business and is one of the most successful companies within this business.

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Ink e-tailing is one of the business segments that is perfectly suited as an online business. Since the ink is used in mas

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The ink segment is very well suited for affiliates. Few visitors that are not interested in buying ink or photo paper will click on your affiliate links resulting in a very high conversion rate on the traffic you send to your ink affiliate program. This gives you a high commission per visitor you send to an ink retailer.

InkClub is the largest ink retailer in Europe and a very good choice for you if you want to refer your traffic to inc affiliate programs. InkClub works together with Tradedoubler which give you a nice interface to follow your statistics and earnings from the InkClub program.

General commission levels if you sell less than 20 sales per month is 16% of the sales value which is fairly high and gives you $9.60 on a $60 order. If you would sell more than 50 orders your commission increases to 20% on the sales value.

When choosing an ink affiliate program you need to decide on what supply your ink retailer should have. More expensive brand name cartridges and supplies or cheaper premium compatible or remanufactured cartridges or both.

Think about what visitor profile your site has and take a decision based on that. If you have visitors interested in inkjet toner and cartridges chances are that you will make good money on these affiliate programs.

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