Mortgage Affiliate Programs

Find The Best Mortgage Loan Affiliate Programs. Make plenty of money online as an affiliate with mortgage loan affiliate programs. This is an emerging affiliate niche and cause of many successful mortgage affiliates.

Below we list the best mortgage affiliate programs and provide objective information of each program.

Are you looking to make money through a mortgage affiliate program? The mortgage sector is relatively niche in affiliate circles and still offers a unique opportunity to make money online.

Your readers will reap the benefits of your partnership with an online mortgage group since they will be able to borrow money if they need it.

This guide will go over three of the top CPA options that you have. The reviews cover the benefits and drawbacks of using each service. At the end of the article, you should be able to decide which mortgage affiliate program would appeal to your readers the most.

The Best Mortgage Loan Affiliate Programs

If you have a web site or blog talking about the topic of mortgage loans this is the perfect opportunity to make some money. Join one of the affiliate programs below, put up their ads on your site and start waiting for the money to roll in.

We know it sounds simple and actually it really is this simple. We know this for a fact.

Whether you have a website or blog talking about mortgage loans, or you are looking to find lenders, becoming an affiliate will make you money. Below, you’ll find brief descriptions of the three top leaning exchanges in the U.S.

After reading the information, decide which partnership would suit your readers.

Once you pick a partner, you’ll need to contact them to become an affiliate. Put the company’s ads on your site, and with every click, you’ll make money. In some cases, you can also write reviews and content for the websites to earn some more cash. description

LendingTree is one of the largest online lending exchanges in the U.S. It is a market place connecting visitors with multiple lenders that compete for their business, 75% of your audience already know of LT. The LendingTree mortgage affiliate program pays you good money for each lead you generate.

You receive up to $75 for each signup.

Lending Tree offers loans for everything from home and auto to student and business. The company has been in business for 22 years, with its home base in the U.S.

Its team connects clients with multiple lenders, giving customers various options for financing. Competitive loan bidding also helps clients get the lowest interest rate when receiving money.

Lending Tree has the advantage of being a well-known name, with a 75% recognizability rate among audiences. The company has a network of over 30 million borrowers, some of whom could become readers.

The commissions you receive are CPA based. The affiliate program gives you up to $75 for each signup that comes through your ads or through-links.

The downside to partnering with Lending Tree is that a lot of other bloggers partner with the company as well. The extensive reach of business means that you are competing with a plethora of affiliates to make commissions. description

Bankrate collects extensive interest rate information on more than 300 financial products from over 4,800 institutions, and across 650 local markets in 50 states.

Integrate rate tables, calculators and content into your desktop and mobile site. Bankrate’s online reporting dashboard and tools are designed for on-the-go users.

Bank Rate is another popular financing community. Loans can range from mortgage to retirement. The company started in 1976 as a print publisher for the banking industry and transformed into an authority on personal and commercial finances.

The business helps clients compare rates on mortgages, pinpoint the ideal option, and help them capitalize on the offer.

The commissions for Bank Rate differ from Lending Tree in that you have CPC, CPL, and CPA options. The affiliate program gives you a 40% rev share as a base, and then the ad clicks stack on top of that.

With Bank Rate, your readers will get interest rate information from other 4,800 loan businesses. They’ll benefit from lenders coming in from 650 markets throughout the 50 states of America.

The Bank Rate desktop and mobile site are easily accessible and have a variety of options. However, the company does not have as many partners as Lending Tree. description

Quicken Loans is one of the biggest and most trustworthy online mortgage lenders in the U.S. They help their clients with home loans, home equity loans and refinance loans. They have more than 4,000 mortgage experts ready to help your visitors and their conversion rate is good due to high-converting landing pages.

Quicken Loans has been in business since 2010 and has quickly risen to be one of the top contenders in the online financing world. Clients can get help with home equity, refinance, and loans. The company assigns one of its over 4,000 financial experts to manage each client’s account.

The commission is $15 as a base with a CPA option as the principal focus. Quicken Loan provides affiliates with a variety of banners and text links to suit whatever web layout your blog follows. The company has a high conversion rate due to its high-converting landing pages.

Clients get access to their loan status 24/7, and the company’s online application is faster than its competitors. Unlike some of the other services, Quicken Loan is online-exclusive.


Becoming an affiliate is a reliable way to make extra cash, but the flow of money will not always be consistent. Depending on which company you decide to become an affiliate of, you’ll see differences in pay.

Some businesses are more successful in the summer, while others thrive in the winter. Do your research and be prepared for inconsistencies.

When working with a mortgage affiliate program you need to take into account that your income will vary greatly over time. This is due to macro economic factors. This means that for some periods of time you may not make much money whereas in other periods you will make a lot of money.

Therefore you need to have some patience when evaluating the performance of your mortgage affiliate program.

In times when the interest rate is on its way to very low levels you will see a lot of activity from consumers wanting to refinance their loans and you will be able to deliver a lot of leads.

At the same time the banks are receiving a lot of applications and will pay less for the leads.

In times when the interest rate is high and not moving in any direction the consumer activity will be low, whereas the banks will pay you quite well per lead you generate. Good luck, this is a fun area to work within!