Online Poker Affiliate Programs

Everyone has heard stories of high stakes online poker players winning or losing many thousands of dollars in a single month, but not everyone knows it’s possible to profit from Internet poker without ever playing a single hand. Poker affiliate programs offer a way to get paid (and get paid big, in some cases) when new players sign up and play at an online poker site, with some of the larger poker affiliates making well over $100,000 a month. Below you will find the best poker affiliate programs together with objective program reviews.

The Best Poker Affiliate Programs

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Earn up top $150 CPA of referred players earnings.

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What is an online Poker Affiliate Program?

So what exactly is a poker affiliate or a poker affiliate program? One of the solutions for online poker sites looking to find new players is to offer an incentive for other people to refer new players to them, essentially doing their marketing work for them. Affiliate marketing is a natural fit for that approach, as that model lets individual website owners and marketers step in and promote poker via poker affiliate sites that they create.

Poker Affiliate Sites

Anyone can serve as online poker affiliates, and the process is very simple. Once you pick an online poker site to promote (see the reviews on this page for the best poker affiliate programs to work with), you’ll have to fill out a quick and easy application and submit it. Once you’re approved by the affiliate program, you’ll be given links and marketing material (including graphics and banners) to promote the poker site on a poker affiliate site that you build, via emails, posting on forums or on blogs, and even through old-fashioned approaches such as business cards or direct mail.

Payment Options for Poker Affiliates

Most affiliate programs allow you a choice as to how you get paid. One option is collecting a one-time payment for every player that you refer who signs up and plays on the site, this is called CPA. Or you can choose instead to be paid a certain percentage of the rake generated by players that you refer, this is called rev-share. The programs all give you online access to stats so that you can not only see how much money you’re making from players you’ve referred, but also more detailed stats such as which banners or graphics are most successful for you, what website is most successful for you, etc. Many programs also provide affiliate managers that work with you directly to give you the best chance of success, as when you succeed and send tons of players to their poker site, they succeed as well, so it’s in their interest to help you be as successful as possible. Top 2 poker affiliate programs: Mybet and PKR


The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that was passed in the US in late 2006 not only impacted poker sites and poker players, but poker affiliates as well. While the US government had previously stated that it believed online gambling to be illegal, there were no legal precedents or legislation that directly addressed the situation; this changed, however, with the passage of the UIGEA, which led to many online sites to immediately stop allowing US players to play on their sites, as well as raising the question of whether or not US-based poker affiliates were now breaking the law by marketing and advertising for online poker sites.

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