Review: Envato Elements

Envato is one of the largest providers of digital materials today. It is a global marketplace for creative assets, tools, and talent. They have offices in Melbourne, Australia, and are linked to seven additional asset directories as listed below.

  • ThemeForest is a website theme and template marketplace
  • Get access to plugins, scripts, and code snippets at CodeCanyon
  • Royalty-free films and templates from VideoHive
  • AudioJungle is a website that offers royalty-free audio and music
  • GraphicRiver Is a collection of graphics, icons, fonts, and logos
  • PhotoDune — A large collection of royalty-free stock photos
  • 3DOcean — CG textures and three-dimensional print models are available from 3DOcean

Envato’s general operations have grown over the past few years. And just recently, it introduced a freelancer marketplace, as well as online course and tutorial services, website builders, and freelancing.

What Is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is a premium digital asset subscription service dedicated to the demands of businesses, marketers, designers, and other professionals who require goods frequently or in large quantities.

It provides a monthly subscription plan that grants you access to a collection of high-quality, curated materials and digital products from creative independent authors.

All of the objects on Envato Elements are free to use in a variety of commercial and non-commercial projects. What’s exciting is that you can download and use them unlimitedly.

You won’t have to worry about download limits or credits with this service. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to try out various visuals, files, and themes before settling on the ones that are best for your project.

Some of the products include Graphics, HTML templates, fonts, illustrations, Procreate brushes, photos, movies, audio files, videos, templates, WordPress plugins, and themes.

What’s more, Envato Elements users also have access to EnvatoTuts+, which offers over 1,200 eBooks and video courses, that customers can now use to access over 1 million digital assets and educational content.

In terms of its services, Elements has made the strongest impression, which was originally billed by Envato as the “Ultimate Creative Asset subscription.”


  • A single commercial license for single use.
  • There is a large selection of digital files to choose from.
  • Subscription with unlimited downloads.
  • Low cost / reasonable price.
  • Saves a lot of time.


  • Even though the price is low, some creators may find it prohibitively pricey.
  • Every time you use an item, you must re-license it.
  • The videos are downloaded format, which takes a long time to convert.
  • Poor technical support

Envato Elements Price

Envato’s digital asset resource directories continue to offer a variety of products on their own. Although the asset author determines the prices, Envato charges an allowing fee to assist the author in selling on their site. As a result, the price of an item available for purchase on Envato varies greatly.

For example, you may pay $60 for a theme on ThemeForest or $25 for a WordPress plugin on CodeCanyon. GraphicRiver charges $35 for the same image, but PhotoDune charges $5 for the same image.

If you purchase digital goods on a regular basis, your expenses might quickly add up. However, good thing is that Envato Elements offers you the opportunity to access a large archive of digital assets for only $16.50 a month. So rather than paying for each item individually, you will have a greater discount to enjoy the services fully.

Multiple stock pictures, fonts, audio, graphics, themes, and plugins are included in this archive. The best part is that Envato Elements subscribers can download these products as many times as they like without any restrictions.

Digital Assets

Envato Elements’ digital assets are created by a large community of independent designers. A revenue-sharing approach pays each designer for their labor. Then, the content developers that contribute the assets utilized in Envato Elements get half of the revenue.

Non-members are free to view and browse through Envato Elements’ website to discover the best deals. Nonetheless, if you want to take advantage of the free digital resources, it would be best if you would sign up so you could also be constantly updated on any new features.

These files are readily accessible from the homepage. To purchase something from Envato’s marketplace, all you have to do is log in to your account. If you haven’t already done so, don’t worry; signing up is simple and won’t take long. Plus, you’ll be able to view the size of your archive when you log in to

Envato Elements with your account

At the moment, the Envato marketplace has around 1.6 million digital assets accessible for download. The archive, on the other hand, is constantly expanding with over 22,000 new stuff that is added every week.

Along with the free files, the homepage also directs you to new items that have been uploaded to the collection. There’s also a curated assortment of high-quality items on display that include:

  • More than 460K motion graphics
  • 46K logos
  • 22K icons
  • 1.8K presets and actions
  • 880K pictures
  • 110K audio files
  • 15K video templates
  • 22K vectors
  • 5.9K typefaces are available to you


You probably don’t want to bother about licensing as a creator. Envato Elements, unlike other similar businesses, provides easy, straightforward licensing. You have full access to the library and can download as many files as you want once you become a member. The library’s assets all have the same basic commercial license. This license grants you wide commercial rights to a specific asset or item that you want to avail yourself.


Envato Elements is a great resource of digital assets for your needs. With access to a wide library of high-quality digital files, you gain unlimited access to everything for as low as $16.50 /month if you pay annually.

Web developers, graphic designers, and other types of creators will benefit from Envato Elements. The unlimited download option is also extremely beneficial. This site provides a plethora of options for business owners looking for beautiful stationery templates.

Envato Elements’ services are a wonderful choice for anyone looking for WordPress plugins, themes, graphics, templates, mockups, and other visual content at a low cost.

Even if you only need a few pieces to finish a project, it’s a great deal because once you have registered and downloaded those assets, you may still use them even after your subscription has finished.