Travel Affiliate Programs

Christmas or summer are always around the corner. The snow is falling/the sun is shining outside and family and friends get together for some true holiday cheer.

But you know this already so let’s take on the next seasonal affiliate trend regarding consumption on the U.S and international markets.

As travel / booking figures normally spike in pretty predictable manner year over year this is a vertical that is easy to get into but also has some of the hardest competition.

So rather than focus on the “Flight / Hotel / Car rental”- programs we will try to give some more niche products to promote.

Why choose a travel affiliate program?

People want to squeeze out the very last drop of the holiday, longing for relaxation on a warm tropic island somewhere. After Christmas and throughout the month of January you should thus focus on promoting traveling.

Read on to get good recommendations on traveling affiliate programs.

If you are not an accustomed travel affiliate, January is the month to try it out. Online travel agencies offer good commission on air plane tickets, hotels arrangements, vacation packages, car rentals and many other services and activities.

The importance of longer tracking period

The most important feature of any decent travel affiliate program is its tracking period. Meaning the amount of time your referred visitors have to make a purchase resulting in commission to you.

For example; if a person enters your website, clicks on the affiliate link, ad or banner but does not make an acquisition until a week later.

All affiliate programs then offer different tracking period in which they will retain the connection between your referred visitors and your tracking links. If your referral enters the merchant site after the tracking period and makes a purchase you will not be eligible for a commission.

Trips are often booked up to one year in advanced and only paid by the customer one or two months prior to the travel date. If you are allowed only a, say, 4 month tracking period, chances are you will not get the commission that is rightfully yours. With a longer tracking period the affiliate program will track your referrals with no requirement of instant purchase.

Pro’s of being a travel agency affiliate

Cheaper flights and vacation options are also mainly offered online since bookings are done through secure functions on the site without the requirement of a large staff.

The low price on flights and vacation bookings online has lead more and more people to purchase their trips through the internet. Almost to the extent that it feels rather old fashioned to visit an offline travel agency for consultation.

Travel affiliate program recommendations

There are many online travel agencies and due to the competitive market of travel agency affiliates we strongly recommend to go for a specific niche.