Expedia Affiliate Program

The Expedia affiliate program brings opportunity and connection for the 21 century. Tourism and travel are predicted to be big in 2019 and years beyond.

But this isn’t your parents’ tourism, and definitely not the tourism of generations past. Travel has long been viewed as a means of broadening horizons and gaining new perspectives.

In our digitally connected era, communication speed and the availability of instant data give new perspectives to travel. As more and more eco conscious travellers “appear” you might find that your new niche site can compete in a crowded market.

We all expect a personalized service, which is driven by data collection, no matter how what might think of that activity. Young and old mobile we have been nurtured in the environment of video games and cell phones, where seconds count and information needs to be immediate.

Expedia Affiliate Program Review

There has never been a better time for an Expedia Affiliate program review.

Modern travelers expect to be able to organize and track their travel through their personal smartphone, a device that had scarcely been imagined one hundred years ago.

Today, many travellers rely on their cell phone to research destinations through the Internet, to organize transportation and to make hotel or motel reservations.

They also count on their phone to allow them to connect with family, friends and business associates while traveling. For your travel-oriented business, software that is user-friendly and agile becomes a must.

Communication in the Twenty-First Century

Statistics support the idea that cell phones are now an integral part of marketing. They indicate that large segments of the world’s population are comfortable using cell phones to manage travel arrangements.

The numbers range from 27 percent of users in Germany who use only their cell phone to organize their travel, to a whopping 87 percent in India.

Other countries tend to fall in between these extremes with the U.S. at 48 percent and Great Britain at 45 percent. In an era of ubiquitous travel selfies, instant information, you want to cash in on the excitement.

Expedia can help you do that with software applications, white papers, web designs and more, all calculated to allow you to generate passive income as well as active trade for your travel-oriented business.

Developing an Online Presence with Expedia

With the Expedia Affiliate program, it’s easy to develop that vital online connection that will allow 21 century millennials (and others) to use their favorite device to connect to your travel business.

Expedia’s services enable you to cash in on the well-developed technology while focusing on what you do best. You benefit both from the programming and from the residual income.

You aren’t promoting travel or a company. You are appealing to a well-informed generation that likes to be able to comparison shop and that loves its pleasures, and you are doing it your way through your chosen travel-oriented activity.

Expedia Rates and Payouts

Expedia Affiliate program commissions are highly competitive. They pay out as follows:

  • 2 percent on car rentals
  • 4 percent for airline bookings
  • 5 percent on destinations services
  • 5.5-6 percent on hotel rooms
  • $20 to $30 dollars on cruises.

Without going into extreme detail, these small amounts can add up over time. Payouts are sent once a month after a predetermined minimum is reached.

Expedia Affiliate Network, EAN

In addition, as an Expedia affiliate, you become part of the Expedia Affiliate Network. EAN provides the software tools and the technology that will help you connect your business to the millions of travelers who would like to find you. EAN works both with B2B models and B2C, depending upon the type of travel-oriented business you might have.

Businesses for EAN

Suggested business types range from personal blogs that cover travel topics to agencies that help travelers find their ideal vacation or arrive at their business appointment in a timely fashion.

Expedia offers services in more than 25 languages, in 33 countries.

Regardless of the type of travel-oriented business you might operate from a traveler’s advisory to fishing in the Ozarks, Expedia has a service plan that can help you with your business and generate added income through commissions from airlines, lodging, car rentals, and other associated activities.

They are your one-stop shop for those important technological connections so prized by today’s travelers.