Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

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There are several interesting web hosting affiliate programs in our top list above. This is a segment with pretty good conversion rates and the pay per lead in some of the web hosting affiliate programs is really good.

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In-depth web hosting affiliate program information

Above we rank the web hosting affiliate programs we find the best. Along with the ranking we provide you with extensive reviews of each program and other important data that will help you to choose the program that suits you the best.

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Interview with a web hosting affiliate

We at love to hear about successful affiliate stories. We met up with Adam who has experienced great success ($80,000 in two years) working as a web hosting affiliate. In only two years Adam has started to earn enough to make a comfortable living through affiliate marketing. It’s truly inspiring to hear him talk about how he got started and also having him give away some tips and tricks.

“What I would recommend instead is to find your own niche and stick to it! Don’t be afraid to stand out.”

When and why did you become an affiliate?
I became an affiliate about two years ago as I was a student at the university. Just as the average student I was struggling to survive financially and then I found out about affiliate marketing. I thought that it could fun and interesting to check it out since it almost doesn’t cost anything to get started in this business.

My decision to start working with affiliate programs isn’t exactly anything I regret today. It’s important to have the guts to try something new sometimes – at least that’s my opinion. If you never take a chance you’ll never win.

How come you chose web hosting?

I had a job on the side as a web designer and saw the need to find appropriate web hosting providers for my clients, and this had to be a fast process. The existing sites at the time that were comparing various hosting providers weren’t all that good and I saw great potentials in the segment.

How Did You Get Started?

I started to search the Internet for information, registered my own web site and then I began to enter what first seemed as a jungle. In the beginning I did exactly the same things as my competitors. However, I realized quite quickly that I could more money if I did things a bit differently.

You have to be like a peacock and stand out. The Internet is already crowded with similar sites offering similar products and services. Blogs tend to be similar as well. I thought to myself; “Why is that? I need to change to change things up a bit”.

Was It Difficult?

I don’t know if I would call it difficult. What I found tricky was to come up with a strategy to attract visitors to find my site and what words that would get a high ranking in the search engines. Once I had realized all the words my competitors had missed it was much easier than I thought it to be to get great results on engines such as Google and Yahoo.

I think that if you have some patience and start with doing research on your market you’ll get a head start to the others. If you can find out what your competitors have missed your chances to earn money will increase immensely.

Do You Have Any Great Tips On How To Become A Successful Web Hosting Affiliate?

Don’t make your site look like all the other on the web. There are way too many with the exact same style. They are all aimed at the same type of visitors.

What I would recommend instead is to find your own niche and stick to it! Don’t be afraid to stand out. In fact I would recommend you to stand out in some way. For me it’s a lot of common sense. When searching the web you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

How Many Affiliate Sites Do You Have?

I’m currently working with three different sites but I also own a couple of domains which could be interesting to work with in the future. It’s easier to make fast money if you have a few web sites with specific niches. If your web site is to general you probably won’t be able to grab the attention of your visitors.

How Much Money Have Made As An Affiliate?

During my two years as an affiliate I’ve made about $80,000 but that’s nothing compared to what I’ve calculated to earn this year! I don’t like people who brag about their earnings but I seriously only see the future as bright and shining.

There’s a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing and I would be glad to share some of those dollars with other happy entrepreneurs. It’s all good fun and there’s enough money for everyone.