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Search engine optimization is a broad subject and you have a lot of ground to cover. But don’t worry, whether you’re confused about content linking or what keywords to use, we’ll help you to become the SEO expert you were born to be. Learn everything you need to know through our articles.

Seo Basics For Your Affiliate Website - Nr 3

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2009

Once you understand the relationship between SEO and your affiliate website's success, new worlds open up to you. You can use a myriad of SEO tools to optimize traffic for your affiliate website and get clicks for your advertisers. One of the most invaluable SEO tools for this purpose is link building.

Search engines use the number of inbound links that a web page has to determine the importance of the page.


Link Building and SEO

Link building is the key to really making your affiliate website take off. Link building is simply creating a situation in which multiple websites link to yours. Search engines use the number of inbound links that a web page has to determine the importance of the page. This is a key factor in determining how high your page will appear in the search engine rankings.

Link Building Methods

You can use a number of methods for link building. One of the most popular is a link exchange. Visit a website you like, perhaps even one with content similar to your own, and message the webmaster of your interest in a link exchange.

If he or she is amenable, that site posts your link in his or her list of sites to visit, and you do the same. You can amass a great many inbound links in a short time in this way. You can also provide free content containing your link. That is to say, if you post a lot of information on your website that other sites may want to use on their own sites, be sure to include your link so people will link to you and build up your credibility with the search engines.

Link Building Pitfalls

While it may be tempting, you should try to avoid creating multiple websites with the sole purpose of creating interconnected inbound links. Search engines are wary of this tactic and you may not get the search engine results you want. You may even get banned from search engine rankings for excessive practice of this method, so be careful about this.

Ok, this was my third and last article about the basics of SEO. I hope that you feel as if you've learned anything. I know that SEO might sound a bit tricky in the beginning but once you get the hang of it you'll find it easy. See you soon again!

/Sara Livingstone

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