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Shopify Affiliate Program

Over the years the saturation in e-commerce industry and every single company wanting to have their presence online have made an e-commerce industry a place with loads of competition.

Many businesses and start-ups are facing problems to reach out to their audience and potential clients.

To reach out to your potential clients usual line of action is to optimize your SEO, update your website, send marketing emails to your clients, post content related to your business and products on social media.

However even doing all these necessary steps you are still not been able to achieve massive hits on your products and not been able to sell the products to your clients.

Here comes in handy the affiliates and influencers who can promote your products indirectly and can increase the audience on your website and sooner you will feel that your presence is being heard on the internet.

Seems daunting, but this step is quite easy with Shopify affiliate program which is loaded with unique features to enhance your business and also benefitting the affiliates promoting your products.

Generally you can say that using the power of affiliates you are marketing your products and making millions of potential clients. Now there is another decision to make which affiliate program to choose?

Obviously you will go with that affiliate program that are well heard and has a reputable market place and Shopify is beast in that terms they are attracting huge numbers by giving easy and cheap solutions to the businesses, bloggers, target audience etc.

What are the programs and apps you can use for the affiliate marketing

Now to achieve your goal and to reach to affiliates to promote your products through a affiliate marketing you need the Shopify affiliate apps to get your business going to the heights you have been dreaming since its start.

Also these apps can be used to gauge the performance of your affiliates, collect and monitor your marketing campaign results. Few of the apps that you can use for this purpose are:

  1. Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing
  2. Pro Affiliate Marketing
  3. Affilo: Affiliate Marketing
  4. Refersion: Affiliate Marketing
  5. Bamboo: Referral Program
  6. ShoutOut: Affiliate Marketing
  7. Affiliatly
  8. LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing
  9. GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing

What benefits as an affiliate you are going to get:
As many previous and current surveys shows that Shopify is one of the leading and most popular e-commerce platform.

It is easier to use and handle even for a non-technical person, Shopify offers great online stores for just $29 /month, affiliate program apps are user friendly.

Being one of the famous platform of ecommerce industry and other user friendly attributes it is loaded with, the success of you being an affiliate is inevitable.

The affiliate program is free to join and you can earn commissions on each new Shopify merchant referral the commission is around $58 per user who is going to sign up for the paid plan of Shopify using your unique link.

Shopify Affiliate signup is easy for both inexperienced and experienced users. Affiliate pay out happens twice in a month one after 5 days of every month’s 15th and the other one after 5 days of the last day of every month.

Payouts are in USD and they are paid through PayPal.

Shopify Affiliate Program