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So what can you do to improve your conversion rate?

So what can you do to improve your conversion rate?

  • So what can you do to improve your…
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    How do you get more traffic to your website? Usability! How do you earn money off your website? Usability! Designing you website in a user friendly way is the key to more traffic and more conversions. Lesson Nr # 1: Make sure to include good usability when creating your website. It’s a must if you want to create conversions in your affiliate business!

    How to Improve Your Conversion Rate!

    Wednesday, Jan 23, 2008

    High conversion rate is the key to success. A website can have huge traffic but virtually no customers. Just alot of visitors. It all comes down to making your visitors take the desired action of e.g signing – up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. That is how you get paid! The higher conversion rate the grander profits! Here’s 25 steps on how to improve you websites conversion rate!

    “Visitors are an impatient breed, expecting well structured pages and easy payment or sign-up processes. Please them and you can expect an 15% – 30% improved conversion rate!”

    Your website can hit highest in Google and have millions of visitors a day! But as long as your conversion rate stays low and nobody is taking the desired actions you might be sitting there missing the chance of your life to make some serious money! Improving your conversion rate and tranforming your visitors to customers is what divide the champs from the chumps!

    So what can you do to improve your conversion rate?


    1. Identify Who visists the site in order to be able to understand your visitor
    2. Identify what action you want your visitors to take
    3. Formulate a easy to understand straight forward offer
    4. Make sure all pages have a clear Call-to-Action?
    5. Make sure the Call-to-Action is in line with your unique offer
    6. Make sure your offer on the Index page “above the fold”
    7. Add a personal, trustworthy touch to your site
    8. Include a detailed FAQ on your site
    9. Make sure that what you say is correct
    10. Make sure your in buttons or links stand out in color, size or contrast?
    11. Make sure your landing pages from search engines match what visitors expect
    12. Make sure your website look good in all browsers?
    13. Make sure your website URL dont that contain other names have amateur written all over them. Get your own domain name!
    14. Make sure your website is SEO optimized to attract people with the highest potential to buy your product
    15. Make sure you put your name, telephone number and street address on your website. This builds trust.
    16. Have a full money back guarantee. Visitors will be more likely to pay online if a full money back guarantee is available
    17. Make sure you always always are one of the good guys
    18. Make sure you have relevant Meta Data on all pages on your site
    19. Make sure you have a straight forward user friendly navigation, use e.g. bread crumbs
    20. Make sure you give your visitors an opportunity to talk with a you
    21. Make it easy for the Serarch Engine to find and spider your site
    22. Submit your site to online directories like Dmoz and BestoftheWeb.
    23. Make sure your Shopping Cart Easy to Use
    24. Give Free Shipping or Make a special offers for you visitors
    25. Make sure you have optimized your site for the most relevant keywords