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Testing article marketing – A affiliate marketing method

Testing article marketing – A affiliate marketing method

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    Testing article marketing

    Wednesday, Oct 22, 2008

    Article marketing, also known as bum marketing, is primarily a great online trick to market a product or website. But it is also, more than any other affiliate marketing method, frequently used as an example of making money quick and without any effort. This is how the name bum marketing sprung to life; article marketing was perceived such an easy-money-quick scheme than even a bum off the street could pull it off. The truth however is far more complicated. I have tested if there is any money to be made off article marketing. Here’s the results.

    “Google has a couple of favorite article directories. I tested two of them; and According to my articles rankings, is the article directory to use.”

    When I started researching about article marketing one of the first sites I visited told dreamlike stories of a husband and wife, the latter desperately in need of money to do some shopping. Husband, the provider that he is, throws up an article about ‘learning your dog how to stop barking’ and goes on to brag about all the money he made and presumably still makes. So I decided to test this seemingly easy way to make a couple of bucks online. 2 months later, with not as much as a dime to give my old lady, it is time to share what I have learned.

    What is article marketing?

    Avoiding affiliate marketing methods that require an own website with good page rank and steady traffic volume, article marketing is an alternative way of making money online. Rather than marketing products and generating leads from your own site you use a website that already ranks high in Google to submit content with tracker links. That is the simplified version of article marketing. To further explain, article marketing consists of the following components:

    1. Finding a topic or subject that not more than 8,000 sites already have covered. (This to minimize the risk of competing against website with higher page rank.)
    2. Choosing an article directory website for publication that ensures #1 SERP rankings. (Google has 1 favorite article directory, see which below)
    3. Writing a good enough article, including converting elements and relevant links.

    What to write about?

    Finding a topic to write about is essential in article marketing. For example, the husband I mentioned above wrote about “How to make your dog stop barking?” a topic that addresses a problem many people have and can relate to. People searching the internet on such a topic are looking for answers; a solution to a problem. Offering an article to solve such a problem and linking to products or a “dog whisperers” will ensure generated leads.

    Finding a common problem or situation that many people can relate to and offering a solution to it is a good idea for an article topic. Using “How To…”, “10 tips…” or “Guide to…” are furthermore popular ways of creating article titles and appealing to the readers.

    But choosing any topic or common problem is not enough. The most obvious subjects you will initially think of probably already have millions of websites addressing them. What you need to do is find a topic that not more than 8,000 websites are talking about. You can find this out by searching for any given topic using quotation marks in Google. The search engine will list all websites that have the topic included in their content. For example “How to make you dog stop barking” shows only 1,650 hits thus making the topic optimal to write about. Currently ranking #1 on the exact search is an article published in the article directory, in the summary linking to ebooks about dog training.

    Using Adwords keyword tool I can quickly see the number of searches that are being made on the specific article title and on the topic. My suggestion is that you use this tool as well when choosing a topic and setting a title for your article. It’s free and displays relative keywords and the how many times the last month and year they have been used to search Google.

    To sum up these are the thing you need to think about when choosing a topic for your article:

    • Try to answer a question or solve a problem
    • Make sure the topic you choose hasn’t got too many sites addressing it already
    • Use “How to..”, “10 Great Tips…” or similar to set the title, thus also specifying the topic

    How to find a good article directory?

    Google has a couple of favorite article directories. I tested two of them; and According to my articles rankings, is the article directory to use. Its article approval requirements are higher than most and maximum amounts of links per article relatively low, something presumably liked by Google. But searching around you will find many articles on ranking #1 SERP.

    Find a unique and unexploited topic and get it approved and published by and you are almost good to go.

    How to write an article marketing article?

    Keep in mind that most articles that are written and published in most online article directories are done so with honest intentions. That is, to share knowledge and shed light on topics with little to no profit. So don’t oversell or make the article too commercial. Its main purpose should be to contribute with good information and tips on a certain topic, not to promote and market relative products.

    Keep the article to a 500 word maximum, divided into many spacious paragraphs and easy to read with bulletins and other listings. Always insert links in the last paragraph as for some reason do not allow links in upper or mid text. Do not use more than 2 links per article.

    If you have any questions concerning article marketing or any other affiliate marketing topic, don’t hesitate to contact me, Joshua Simmons; editor at affiliatetips dot com. I will be more than happy to help you find piece and money online 🙂