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The Affiliate Prima Donnas – We Love to Hate Them!

We All Just Wanna Be Big Affiliate Stars!

With money comes fame and fortune. Movie stars, business men, musicians, they all have one thing in common that let them become stars; money. And with an industry that produces millionaires every year, affiliate marketing is already showing signs of becoming a part of the western superstar worship.

The make money quick scheme that has become so strongly associated with affiliate marketing has now gotten company. The affiliate prima donnas; affiliates that are making tons of money of online marketing that spend an immense amount of time telling everybody about it.

And though this is their prerogative, I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to tell the would when my first $10,000 check roles in, it is painting an incorrect and embellished picture of the affiliate business. Sure you can make a lot of money online with PPC, AdSense and affiliate programs, but it’s not just going to happen.

The American Dream of overnight becoming rich and famous lives in all of us. To do as little as possible and gain as much as possible. That’s why slot machines, bingo and Las Vegas are world famous affairs. Laziness is truly the ultimate human characteristic and as we admire our rich and famous affiliates, musicians and movie stars we don’t realize the amount of time they have put into getting where they are today.

I love the affiliate prima donnas for their strive in branding their personal images. When, in other industries, there are agents, advertisements agencies and PR-consultants to do the work for you, in affiliate marketing there’s only you. It’s a one man show, and quite lonely at times.

Don’t hate! Participate!/ Joshua

The Affiliate Prima Donnas – We Love to Hate Them!