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The Top Five Crm Solutions For Affiliate Marketing

The Top Five Crm Solutions For Affiliate Marketing

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    Lacking resources in your affiliate business? You’re in luck. When it comes to the time and money to create a dynamic website you have a multitude of CMS and CRM systems to choose between. A content management system allows you to administrate and adjust your website with a user friendly interface. You’ll find open source ones but also online businesses that are devoted in creating the CMs website you need.

    The Top Five Crm Solutions For Affiliate Marketing

    Thursday, Feb 5, 2009

    In an industry that relies totally on the satisfaction of its customers, affiliate marketers are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their results. In recent years, customer relationship management (CRM) has come to the forefront of affiliate marketing strategies. Aside from utilizing technological tools to help improve customer relations, CRM is also a mind-set — one that ultimately results in repeat customers who are quite simply, satisfied with the overall experience. If you want to make your affiliate marketing business as customer-friendly as possible, then check out the top five CRM solutions for affiliate marketing (in no such order).

    “In recent years, customer relationship management (CRM) has come to the forefront of affiliate marketing strategies.”


    InfusionCRM is a web-based CRM tool that is perfect for the small to medium affiliate marketing business. In 2007, InfusionCRM received the CRM Excellence Award for “Top Small Business Marketing Software.” A full-service CRM utility, InfusionCRM tracks leads and progressions, marketing sequences, payment plans, sales transactions and history and so much more.

    Prophet CRM at

    Prophet CRM is highly recommended if you use Microsoft Outlook. Since it incorporates itself into Outlook, Prophet CRM requires much less training time. PC Magazine also vote it as one of its “Four Favorite Small Business Tools.” The ease-of-use makes it ideal for the small affiliate marketer, but it is easily expandable to handle a mid- to large-sized business.

    CenterBase makes it easy for you to collect, communicate and act on your sales. It also provides outstanding support and information across all channels of your business. CenterBase is entirely customizable so you can create exactly the business tool that’s perfect for your affiliate marketing business. CenterBase is a highly flexible and conveniently affordable web-based CRM tool.

    It’s hard to beat a CRM solution that’s free, and that’s exactly what FreeCRM is. While FreeCRM provides a wealth of customer tracking utilities, it does offer a PRO version with robust features for a cost of $15 per month. However, for the small affiliate marketing business, the free, single-user version should suffice.

    Leads On Rails at

    Track your leads on the road to affiliate marketing success by using Leads On Rails. Once you get a lead, Leads On Rails tells you exactly what you need to do next in order to complete the sale. It will track who receives a job assignment, the expected completion date and results. If you run a mid- to large-sized affiliate marketing business, then Leads On Rails may be just the streamlining technique you’ve been seeking.