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Web Hosting Explained

Website hosting is a process by which companies provide people and businesses the opportunity to have their own websites on the World Wide Web. They work by providing space on their own servers in a data center for use by the websites that they are hosting. There are numerous types of website hosting services.

“Website hosting companies work by providing space on their own servers in a data center for use by the websites that they are hosting.”

Free Web Hosting

A free web hosting service works by putting advertising on their pages. Although there is no cost for the service, users will find their sites of limited functionality. There will be very little bandwidth and storage space compared to a paid web hosting service.

The user will probably need to post advertising for the host, and certain file types may not be allowed. Many free web hosting services also have a paid service and use the free service as a way to encourage people to buy their service. The paid service will have an enhanced package, which expands the features of the web host.

Shared Web Hosting

Another option is shared web hosting, in which a number of people share one web server and each person has his or her own website on the server. While this is an economical option, the security of each individual website may be compromised by the fact that they are used on a shared server.

Paid Web Hosting

Many people opt to pay a service to host their web domain. These paid services can cost as little as a few dollars a month. Depending on the nature of the company and the price the individual pays for web hosting, the domain comes with a certain amount of storage space and bandwidth for each month. The storage space, usually measured in gigabytes, determines how much information in files you can keep on the site.

Individuals looking for a web host should see how much space on their web files take up on their computers before entering into an agreement. The bandwidth is the amount of data transfer that visitors on the site can achieve each month. This number is also measured in gigabytes, and must meet or exceed the amount of data each visitor accesses, multiplied the amount of times visitors access the site each month. If the amount of storage space or bandwidth is inadequate, the owner of the domain will usually be able to acquire more for an added fee.

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Web Hosting Explained