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What affiliate program to choose

Hi guys!

I’m back again for my second post here on It’s been kind of stressful at work but I’ve managed to squeeze in some time for my new interest: affiliate marketing.

I must admit that it’s pretty addictive once start searching the web and read about all of the success stories.

With this said I’m also sure it’s not as easy as some want it to seem. As with any other job (even though this isn’t my job – yet) I’m not going to go in to this business without knowing everything there is to know about it.

First of all I have decided on what kind of affiliate program I want to work with.

There are really affiliate programs covering every possible niche. Since I’m interested in beauty products and love to shop beauty affiliate programs and shopping affiliate programs is just the thing for me!

As I mentioned in my first blog post I thought I start with checking out my competition. Well, I’ve done it and I must admit that the competition seems kinda fierce. However am I not the one who’s afraid of a challenge.

I’m gonna take some bit and pieces (the best parts of course) and then I’m gonna add a little twist! But maybe that goes without saying…

Here’s my problem right now…

I don’t know which beauty/shopping affiliate program to choose. There’s so many of them and I’m not sure of exactly what to look for.

Should I focus on the commission, conversion or I don’t know… Promotional tools maybe? No, I realize that I have to do some more research before I can call myself a serious affiliate marketer. I guess it’s back to school for me:)

There are sites such as TheAffiliateMonkey that allow you to compare hundreds of affiliate programs and pick the best one for you.

À bientôt!
Sara Livingstone

What affiliate program to choose