What to Look for in a Forex Affiliate Program

Forex affiliate programs can be very profitable for affiliate webmasters, but you’ll need to take some care when choosing what Forex programs to work with. Like any affiliate niche, there are good and bad Forex affiliate programs, ones which offer more support as far as tools and content for affiliates to use, and other factors to consider.

It’s tempting to just jump into building your Forex affiliate websites, but the real first step to success is to first find solid affiliate programs to work with.

How to Find Forex Affiliate Programs

Forex affiliate programs are typically offered by Forex brokers, so it’s very important to do some research on the broker offering the affiliate program. Stick with reputable brokers that have been in business for years and don’t be lured away by slightly higher commissions from newer Forex brokers with no real history to point to.

Based on the country they operate in, some Forex brokers are regulated, which is usually a sign that they’re an established, trustworthy broker. Check to see what sort of information they have on their website; the more the better, as far as details on the company’s history, a prominent address and phone number, and financial reports of their own business if they provide them.

Trying Out The Product

The next step is to try out their trading platform, as most offer free demos to let you kick the tires of the platform that customers use to trade. Remember, your long-term success as a Forex affiliate is tied to working with a solid Forex broker with a well-designed trading platform, as that’s what will encourage potential customers who click through your affiliate links to create a Forex account.

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and test out all of the features of the trading platform to see how it stacks up to other Forex brokers. Check out various forums for affiliate webmasters to get feedback on how much support affiliates get from various Forex affiliate programs. Pay attention to things such as what tools or promotional content is provided to affiliates, if dedicated affiliate managers are assigned to affiliates, and what kind of stats and tracking tools are provided.

The best Forex affiliate programs realize that affiliates are key to their success, so the level of dedication and support they offer affiliates is usually a good indicator of programs that will be good to work with.

Forex Affiliates – Commission Structure

Last but not least, check the commission structures offered and pay close attention to the fine print. Most good Forex affiliate programs will offer you a choice between CPA plans or revenue sharing plans.

Check to see if the programs use cookies to credit you with signups that occur after a visitor’s initial visit, and see whether or not the affiliate program has a minimum threshold for sending out payments to affiliates, as well as what payment methods they offer.

What to Look for in a Forex Affiliate Program