Writing Good Online Gaming Reviews

Reviews of online poker and casino sites are the heart of many affiliate sites, so it’ll serve you very well if you follow a few basic principles when writing reviews for your own affiliate sites. Not only will your visitors and readers appreciate it, but your wallet will as well, as writing better reviews will lead to more visitors clicking through your banners and links and making money for you as an affiliate.

Reviews in General and Gaming in Particular

Like a good book review, a good review of an online gaming site should contain a few key elements and should be persuasive (whether good or bad). Readers are looking to you, the reviewer, to guide them to sites they’ll enjoy, as well as to steer them away from sites that aren’t worth their time.

Use a standard format so that you compare common elements, such as the software that powers the sites, if it’s easy to create an account and deposit money, details on new player bonuses, and the types of games and stakes that are offered.

For poker sites, it’s often useful to dicsuss player traffic and how easy or hard it is to find a seat in cash games or tournaments, as that’s a major consideration when picking a poker site to play on. Another key point for both poker and casino sites is what methods of payment they accept for deposits, as well as deposit limits, and how withdrawals are handled.

The Value of First Hand Information

Readers of reviews also like to get a first-hand account of games offered on online gaming sites, and most sites allow you to play all the games for play money as well as for real money, so it’s easy for you to give all the games a whirl before writing your review. Focus on things like how the graphics and sound works with the game play, how fast the action is, if it’s intuitive as far as finding your favorite game and grabbing a seat, and other similar details.

The Importance of rating

For all the elements you focus on in your reviews, try to grade them on a set scale, such as 1-10, or use one to five stars, etc. No matter how well-written your prose is, many visitors are lazy and will gravitate towards a “summary” where you rate each section of the online gaming site you’re reviewing. Incorporating that rating feature (usually with graphics of some sort) will not only make your reviews look professional and slick, but they’ll ensure that you don’t lose the attention of any readers who might otherwise be inclined to skip over all of the words.

Remember the Extra Action of Sub Affiliates

Remember, too, that you don’t just have to focus on the gaming sites themselves as far as reviews, as you can also add reviews of the various affiliate programs that sites offer. This is also another avenue to potentially make money as an affiliate, as most affiliate programs (including the Party Poker affiliate program, the FullTilt affiliates and Titan Poker) offer you payments for other affiliates that you refer as well as for sending along new players, so your reviews can also cover affiliate programs as well.



Writing Good Online Gaming Reviews