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Haven’t found the affiliate tool for you? You’re bound to find it here! Here you’ll find tools enabling SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and start-up capital estimation. If not already there, the world of affiliate marketing is just around the corner. With our help you’ll become a pro in no time! This is how you do:

  • Click on the link below and download desired spreadsheet
  • Simply fill in your business details in downloaded document and enjoy the result!

  • Startup Capital Estimate Spreadsheet
    Startup Capital Estimate Spreadsheet
    When fulfilling your dream of starting up your own business we’ll help you with the most important paper work; estimating the start-up capital needed. Simply download our pre-filled excel document and add your details!
  • SWOT Analysis Spreadsheet
    SWOT Analysis Spreadsheet
    A must for any new business or product launch. Know your business’s strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Just fill in your business details.

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2 $50 CPA Review
3 $150 CPA Review
4 $90 CPA Review
5 Intertops 30% CPO Review
6 AffiliateEdge 50% CPO Review
7 BestPay Partners 40% CPO Review
8 Market Health $20 CPA Review
9 RevenueJet 35% CPO Review
10 MedStore 29% CPO Review