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Before you can start earning your commission as a successful affiliate you will need your own website. Easy as it may seem, we want to make sure you’re getting the best web hosting on the web. Here you’ll find all the information you’ll need to get your own space on the Internet.

Latest Articles

  • Web Hosting - Good Alternative for Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing is all about getting people to your website and directing them to your affiliates. The more traffic you can send through, the more profit you will see. In order to get this traffic, you need to get the attention of Internet consumers, and that means you have to appeal to what Internet consumers want. As you should be well aware, one thing that Internet consumers are interested in is web hosting.
  • Green Hosting - Make a difference!
    The Internet has grown into a huge business and there are millions of people looking for servers to host their websites on. When choosing web hosting provider there are several things one should consider. Most people take in the counting bandwidth, uptime, support and the price but another important and interesting issue is whether or not the hosting is green.
  • Finding the Best Web Host for Your Affiliate Marketing Site
    In order to be a successful affiliate marketer, it is essential to find your own home on the web. As you are getting ready to launch your affiliate marketing website, it is all too easy to focus on major details such as site design, content development and search engine optimization. Unfortunately, you might overlook the important process of finding a reliable web host.
  • Five Great Web Hosting Services
    Web hosts are not alike. First, what is it? Basically, a web host is similar to owning a store in a brick and mortar shopping mall. In this analogy, the web host is the company that owns the mall and rents out individual storefronts.Web hosts do the same by giving you a place to store your website. A mall owner needs to make sure that the storefront is up to code. A web host needs to make sure that the site is always up and running.
  • What is Video hosting?
    A video hosting or video sharing service is a web hosting service where the video host provides a forum for people to upload videos to a website. The videos are kept on the video hosts servers so that others can visit the website and watch the videos.
  • Unlimited Web Hosting
    If you are interested in having a web page for your business or for your personal needs, you'll probably need a web host. Web host services provide access to the World Wide Web so that interested parties can find your site on the Internet when they type your domain URL into their web browser.
  • Registering a domain name
    When you start out as an online affiliate you of course need to register a domain name for your site. This should not be done carelessly as the domain name will play an important part in deciding your success as an affiliate.
  • Website hosting explained
    Website hosting is a process by which companies provide people and businesses the opportunity to have their own websites on the World Wide Web. They work by providing space on their own servers in a data center for use by the websites that they are hosting. There are numerous types of website hosting services.

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1 Direct Net Partners $50 CPA Review
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3 $150 CPA Review
4 $90 CPA Review
5 Intertops 30% CPO Review
6 AffiliateEdge 50% CPO Review
7 BestPay Partners 40% CPO Review
8 Market Health $20 CPA Review
9 RevenueJet 35% CPO Review
10 MedStore 29% CPO Review