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As the Internet has passed grand advertisement channels like Television this marketing platform is starting to take its full shape as one of the biggest marketing channels we have today. When experts condemned Internet before they today stay silent. The future of Internet marketing is here, the potential and profits endless.

Latest Articles

  • Web Analytics For Affiliate Marketing
    In order to make accurate affiliate marketing decisions, it is essential to have all the information you can get about your potential customers. Surprisingly, website analytics reports are one of the best sources for reliable information about the needs, interests and habits of your target audience. By carefully analyzing this information, you can gain access to an enormous amount of consumer data and use it to guide your future marketing efforts.
  • Demographic Targeting for Affiliates
    Advertisers are constantly looking for ways to make their marketing efforts more effective. The first realized benefit of the Internet for advertisers was the ability to "blast" advertisements to millions more people than before, quickly, cheaply and easily. The problem with this approach is that the advertising is still reaching a great many people who can or will never make use of it, which is not the most effective approach. New Internet technologies allow advertisers to modify their Internet sales techniques by adding precision targeting, focusing on many consumers, but only ones likely to be interested in their product. One of these precision methods is demographic targeting.
  • Make Money with Domain Parking
    It might sound strange but it's actually possible to make money in parking a domain. It's cheap and takes no, or close to no, effort at all which makes it a very attractive option for online entrepreneurs. But obviously the question remains - exactly what does it mean to park a domain and how do one make money from it?
  • Make Money with AdSense for Videos and Online Games
    You have probably heard about making money through AdSense but how many of you have tried making money with ASsense for videos or online games? It's becoming an increasingly popular way of increasing ones earnings and in this article we'll take you through what it consists of.
  • Day-part Targeting when Working with Internet Marketing
    Prime time is a concept that has been understood by television advertisers for years. There are simply times of day (or night) where more people are tuning in, and advertisers covet those times since their ads will reach more people if they are aired during those times. Furthermore, advertisers also know that different types of consumers are watching at different times. People watching at 3 a.m. are better candidates for sleep aid and mattress ads. Those watching at noon may respond better to ads for vocational schools. Advertisers try to find time-slots on the television schedule appropriate for the products they are selling.
  • Why You Should be Using Google Analytics
    Affiliate marketing is an industry in which it is extremely important to stay on top of the traffic flowing to and from your website. Google Analytics makes it easy to monitor and track that all-important traffic. It can help you adjust your marketing strategies to increase your conversion rates and experience greater success.
  • Loyal Visitors More Favorable to Advertising
    Increasing the number of visitors to your affiliate site is an important factor in order to successfully make money online. But building user loyalty and a positive attitude towards your site also can make a great difference. A study made by OPA (Online Publishers Association Audience Affinity Study) to survey and measure attitudes towards websites and online advertising shows that with higher affinity, sense of belonging, comes a more favorable attitude towards a website's advertising.
  • Perform or Die: How to survive in the new Internet economy
    "It's the end of the beginning... Online businesses must now prove they can generate revenue and profits instead of building market share and selling dreams. It's back to business as usual, with growth built on cash flow."

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