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Find affiliate programs that will make your website turn profit. We give you extensive information for you to compare affiliate programs according to profitability, niche, commission and much more.

Read more about poker, dating, education and many other exciting affiliate advertising markets. Though extensive research we provide the best affiliate programs of top affiliate niche markets for you to find and compare.

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Affiliate Networks

Becoming an Affiliate can be hard, but choosing the…
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Auto Affiliate

The Auto affiliate programs are taking a strong hold…
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Beauty Affiliate

Looks can be deceiving, but not when it comes to…
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Book Affiliate

Selling, and buying, books online is a huge business…
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Casino Affiliate

We’ve all heard tales of people winning huge jackpots…
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Computing Affiliate

The best computing affiliate programs. Find the…
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Credit Cards Affiliate

The best credit card affiliate programs, in our…
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Dating Affiliate

If you’re in the dating affiliate program business…
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Education Affiliate

Earn lots of money through education affiliate…
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Health Affiliate

Here’s your chance to promote good quality health…
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Ink Affiliate

There are lots of money to be made in the online ink…
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Insurance Affiliate

Pun apart – insurance affiliates generally do very…
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Legal Affiliate

The list shows our top pick of legal affiliate…
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Lenses Affiliate

Find the best lenses affiliate programs in our top…
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Mortgage Loan Affiliate

Make plenty of money online as an affiliate with…
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Shopping Affiliate

See the toplist for our favorite shopping affiliate…
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Software Affiliate

Make money online on the best software affiliate…
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Web Hosting Affiliate

Web hosting affiliate programs are some of the highest…
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The Best of the Best

Regardless of category we have here gathered the affiliate programs we consider to be the best of the best. We’ve looked at everything from commission to promotional tools and conversion rates. In choosing one of the affiliate programs above you know picked a trustworthy and money-making program. Read our in-depth reviews upon deciding which one to choose.

What program should I choose?

There are a few things you should think when choosing an affiliate program. It’s a good idea to have a look at your site and try to figure who your regular visitor is and what he or she could be interested in. If you add a program that’s not appealing to your readers/visitors it won’t make you any money. The next thing is choose the affiliate program you feel the most passionate about within the right segment. These are just two simple and basic steps to follow, for more information we recommend you to read our articles. With the right program you could make a killing!